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The Film is Alive


  • This is a compilation of Tezuka Osamu's classic animated film masterpieces. His uniqueness and love for animated films can be fully appreciated, ranging from his very first work to the work that marked the culmination of his career as an animated film writer, "The Legend of the Forest." This film was produced for the Tezuka Osamu Exhibition (held at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art) in the summer of 1990, and was then released in different parts of Japan. Some of Japan's leading cartoonists and animators who had been good friends with Tezuka Osamu wrote each of the 10 letters comprising the title.




  • Title Calligraphy: Ishinomori Shotaro, Kawamoto Kihachiro, Kato Yoshiro, Suzuki Shinichi, Fujiko F. Fujio, Fujiko Fujio (A), Wada Makoto, Kuri Yoji, Yokoyama Ryuichi, Baba Noboru
    Planning: Matsutani Takamasa
    Producer: Shimizu Yoshihiro
    Assistant Producer: Murayama Naruo
    Clay Animation: Ishida Takuya
    Narrator: Ban Osamu
    Music: Goto Keiichi
    Screenplay, story line, editing, and rendition: Katayama Masahiro


  • (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

    Released at the Tezuka Osamu Exhibition, Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art / 42 minutes / In color
    Tezuka Production Co., Ltd. / July 20, 1990


  • There is no title for each episode.