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Lunn Flies into the Wind


  • This is the third episode in the Lion Books Series, in which a boy who has fallen in love with a girl on a poster on the wall starts to look for her. This story depicts the heartache of adolescent first love in a low-key manner.



  • Lunn Toyoda Akira Miwa Nanpei    


  • Original Story, Director: Tezuka Osamu
    Screenplay, storyboard, rendition, and picture direction: Nishimura Hiroshi
    Picture Director: Katsui Chikao
    Assistant Producer: Kubota Minoru
    Production Chief: Enomoto Hiroshi
    Art direction, art board, and background: Miyamoto Seiji
    Original picture: Yoshimura Masateru, Seya Shinji, and Kano Kaoru
    Motion: Tezuka Production Co., Ltd., Studio Dub, Artland, and Studio Aton
    Picture Checker: Seya Shinji
    Finishing: Maki Production, E&G, Group Masatoshi Yoda
    Color Design: Enomoto Hiroshi
    Special Effects: Maekawa Takashi
    Editing: Inoue Kazuo
    Sound Director: Kawamura Jouhei
    Music: Koroku Reijiro
    Music Selection: Toujoubeppu Sei
    Effects: Yokoyama Masakazu


  • (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

    Released by NHK Enterprise in July 1989 / 24 minutes / In color
    Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / Completed on April 13, 1985


  • There is no title for each episode.


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