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Broken Down Film


  • A scene from an American animated piece called "Dudley Do Right" shows a scene in which a queen is tied to a railroad track with ropes and shouting, "Help!" This image was often used in serial action films of the silent comedy period. In this short film, a western-style hero fights a villain and saves a beautiful woman in the same situation. This classical scene, however, is marred, blurred and smudged because the film itself is very old. Not only does the hero have to fight the villain, but he also has to struggle hard against the bad condition of the film.



  • Cowboy Heroine Villain Locomotive


  • Original Plan, Story line and Rendition: Tezuka Osamu
    Producer: Kubota Minoru
    Original Pictures: Nishimura Hiroshi, Yoshimura Masateru, Kobayashi Junji, Tanizawa Yutaka, Seya Shinji, Kano Kaoru
    Finishing: Hagiwara Masahiko
    Camera: Fujita Masaaki
    Special Effects: Oguma Kimiharu
    Effective Sounds: Kurahashi Shizuo
    Editing: Kakesu Shuichi
    Assistant Producer: Enomoto Yutaka


  • (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

    Shown at the 1st Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival / 5 minutes and 37 seconds / In partially color
    Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / August 17, 1985

    Grand Prix at the 1st Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival in 1985
    Won the Best Film Award at the Varna International Animation Film Festival in 1985


  • There is no title for each episode.


  • None