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Galaxy Boy Troop


  • This is a unique work employing puppets for Tezuka Osamu's characters. Because it is impossible to show some scenes with puppets, such as spaceships taking off in a flash and sports cars running at full speed, these scenes were made with Mushi Pro's animation. The first part of this film is a story in which the sun loses its power, causing a crisis in the Earth's ecosystem. Then Galaxy Boy Troop is formed to save the Earth, and it takes a long flight to the ends of the universe in search of a substance that can restore the sun. (This story line is similar to the later smash hit "Cosmic Battleship Yamato"). The second part depicts a battle between the Galaxy Boy Troop and aliens on a flying disk. The music was by Tomita Isao.



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  • Original Plan and Main Character Design: Tezuka Osamu
    Dramatizer: Wakabayashi Ichiro
    Music: Tomita Isao
    Theme Song:
    "Galaxy Boy Troop" lyrics by Wakabayashi Ichiro, music by Tomita Isao and vocals by Kamitakada Boy's Choir
    Executive Producer and Rendition: Yasue Susumu
    Animation: Mushi Production (Production Chief / Naito Sumio)
    Puppet Handling: Takeda Puppet Troupe
    Production: NHK, Takeda Puppet Troupe


  • 1st Episode: The future city April 7, 1963  

    2nd Episode: Save the sun    

    3rd Episode: Super speed rocket    

    4th Episode    

    5th Episode May 5, 1963  

    6th Episode: Mysterious SOS May 5, 1963  

    7th Episode: Phantom of the deep ground May 19, 1963  

    8th Episode: The child of the sun May 26, 1963  

    9th Episode: The star of drunks June 9, 1963  

    10th Episode: The prisoner of Planet Freelan June 16, 1963  

    11th Episode: The end of darkness June 23, 1963  

    12th Episode: Starch man June 30, 1963  

    13th Episode: Man-eater Dar July 7, 1963  

    14th Episode: Escape August 11, 1963  

    15th Episode: Exile to an island September 1, 1963  

    16th Episode: Dinosaur Zoa September 8, 1963  

    17th Episode: The hero Poi-Poi September 15, 1963  

    18th Episode: Planet Bonborun September 22, 1963  

    19th Episode: September 29, 1963  

    20th Episode: Rebellion October 6, 1963  

    21st Episode: The desert planet October 20, 1963  

    22nd Episode: The formless man October 27, 1963  

    23rd Episode: Cosmic graveyard November 3, 1963  

    24th Episode: Cosmic hunter November 10, 1963  

    25th Episode: The Planet Emerald November 17, 1963  

    26th Episode: Cosmic epidemic November 24, 1963  

    27th Episode: The second Earth December 1, 1963  

    28th Episode: The New Kojiki December 8, 1963  

    29th Episode: Strange ship in the ravine December 15, 1963  

    30th Episode: Cosmic holy night December 22, 1963  

    31st Episode: Gobos' base December 29, 1963  

    32nd Episode: The king of the universe January 5, 1964  

    33rd Episode: Cosmic exile January 12, 1964  

    34th Episode: The end of Desu January 19, 1964  

    35th Episode: Gobos' weakness January 26, 1964  

    36th Episode: Artificial man February 2, 1964  

    37th Episode: Ambition February 9, 1964  

    38th Episode: Hot spring owner February 16, 1964  

    39th Episode: The last day of the planet February 23, 1964  

    40th Episode: No exit! March 1, 1964  

    41st Episode: Great crash! March 8, 1964  

    42nd Episode: Reviving sun March 15, 1964  

    43rd Episode: The eternal sun March 29, 1964  

    44th Episode: High-speed race April 5, 1964  

    45th Episode: The Butterfly tiepin April 16, 1964  

    46th Episode: Mother's secret April 23, 1964  

    47th Episode: The sunny hill April 30, 1964  

    48th Episode: The mystery of the green stain May 7, 1964  

    49th Episode: The great chase May 14, 1964  

    50th Episode: Mother and child of armadillo May 21, 1964  

    51st Episode: The monster of Do-Do Island May 28, 1964  

    52nd Episode: Disk demolishing operation June 4, 1964  

    53rd Episode: The plot June 11, 1964  

    54th Episode: The duel at the quarry June 18, 1964  

    55th Episode: The white secret base June 25, 1964  

    56th Episode: The great explosion July 2, 1964  

    57th Episode: At gunpoint in the bungalow July 9, 1964  

    58th Episode: The secret organization 99 July 16, 1964  

    59th Episode: Beyond thin air July 23, 1964  

    60th Episode: The secret of Jigitaria July 30, 1964  

    61st Episode: The great underground city August 6, 1964  

    62nd Episode: Robot president August 13, 1964  

    63rd Episode: The chief's true colors August 20, 1964  

    64th Episode: The tank at the bottom of the ground August 27, 1964  

    65th Episode: The decisive battle at the bottom of the ground September 3, 1964  

    66th Episode: Behind the Moon! September 10, 1964  

    67th Episode: The Moon ruins September 17, 1964  

    68th Episode: The old enemy of the universe September 24, 1964  

    69th Episode: The attack on the base October 1, 1964  

    70th Episode: Vanished Miria October 8, 1964  

    71st Episode: Tex's betrayal October 29, 1964  

    72nd Episode: Cosmic air fight November 5, 1964  

    73rd Episode: The fourth planet of Capela November 12, 1964  

    74th Episode: Counterattack from the Earth November 19, 1964  

    75th Episode: Take a chance November 26, 1964  

    76th Episode: The thirty-third planet of Altile December 3, 1964  

    77th Episode: At the risk of their lives December 10, 1964  

    78th Episode: The confrontation on Zuboshi December 17, 1964  

    79th Episode: The death mirage December 24, 1964  

    80th Episode: January 7, 1965  

    81st Episode: The triumphant return January 14, 1965  

    82nd Episode: The mysterious treasures January 21, 1965  

    83rd Episode: To the universe again! January 28, 1965  

    84th Episode: The small rocket battle February 4, 1965  

    85th Episode: A monster appears February 11, 1965  

    86th Episode: The time bomb February 18, 1965  

    87th Episode: February 25, 1965  

    88th Episode: The prisoner of Specter March 4, 1965  

    89th Episode: The cosmic confrontation March 11, 1965  

    90th Episode: The blazing sea March 18, 1965  

    91st Episode: Two chiefs March 25, 1965  

    92nd Episode: The new age of settlement April 1, 1965  


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