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Character Goods Store

ROCK X UNICO T-shirt is sold from rokin’star!


The fashion brand featuring rock and roll music and characters released UNICO T-shirts as their second release of spring/summer 2016 collections.

KOM_I (Suiyoubi no Campanella) wears the T-shirts fashionably!



Released on May 19

Rockin’star UNICO T-shirt (two patterns)

Size: XS, S. M. L. XL

Price: 3990 yen each (tax included)



What is rockin’star?

The rokin’star  is a popular fashion brand established in 2013, presenting messages and designs inspiring rock and roll music fans.

Contact: rokin’on store

Mail: info@rockinstar,jp



The year 2016 is the 40th anniversary of Unico!

Unico Twitter: @UNICOclub

Unico Special Site:

Unico PV: