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New Publication in January, 2016



Tezuka Osamu’s Titles

Title Publisher Price Release date

MFR “Tezuka Osamu no Cho Kowai Hon – On no Hen”
(only available at convenience stores)

KADOKAWA 390 yen Jan. 9

Astro Boy (only available at convenience stores)

Sanei-shobo TBA Jan. 19

MFR “Tezuka Osamu no Cho Kowai Hon – Kyo no Hen”
(only available at convenience stores)

KADOKAWA 390 yen Jan. 9

Princess Knight (Nakayoshi Original edition)
Reprinted Collections Box 3 9200 yen Jan. 23

MFR “Eulogy to Kirihito” vol.1 “Room 66”

Shogakukan TBA Jan. 29



Books/Magazines related to Tezuka Osamu

Title Author Publisher Price Release date

“Bokura ga Aishita Tezuka Osamu – Resurgence”

Reito Nikaido

Nanundo 2200 yen late January



Feature of the Month

Atom the Beginning Heroes

Monthly magazine Heroes (only available at Seven-Eleven stores) 200 yen

Now serialized

The story before the birth of Astro Boy

Original idea: Tezuka Osamu

Concept works: Msami Yuki

Manga: Tetsuro Kasahara

Supervisor: Tezuka Makoto

Cooperation: Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

The comic book version vol.2 is released on December 4.


Young Black Jack Akita Publishing

Original work: Tezuka Osamu

Script: Yoshiaki Tabata

Manga: Yugo Okuma

Now serialized in Young Champion

The 9th volume is now on sale. (560 yen)

TV animation series Young Black Jack Blu-ray & DVD vol.1 are released on December 23, 2015


Umiiro no ANGEL vol.2 –Ningyo Densetsu (Aoitori Bunko)
(original idea: Angel no Oka)


Original idea: Tezuka Osamu

Author: Miyoko Ikeda

Illustration: Osamu Odani

Vol.1 – Runa to Noa    in store 620 yen

Vol.2 -Ningyo Densetsu    in store 620 yen


SERAI March issue (released on Feb. 10)


Special Feature –Everybody grew up with Manga  43 pages

With a supplementary booklet: New Treasure Island and Jungle Emperor

B6 size (a total of 80 pages)


Marin Express


TV animation special, Marine Express, broadcast in 1979 is turned into a manga work.

The serialization starts in spring, 2016.

Original work: Tezuka Osamu / Manga: Shigeto Ikehara


Atom to Pinoko ga Yattekita Hokkoku Newspaper/Toyama Newspaper


Serialized every Saturday on Kid’s paper, starting in January

By Keiko Kimoto and Meguru Miyamae


The WEB comic “REBORN Kamen no Otoko to Ribbon no Kishi”


The special piece for the 60th anniversary of “Princess Knight”

Original Work: Tezuka Osamu

Script: Jun Kagurazaka

Manga: Kyoko Fukaki

Homesha WEB Comic site: Pura@Home:

Free distribution (twice a month, now temporarily suspended)

The comic book version (vol. 3) is now on sale.


The Essay “Watashi no Tezuka Osamu” (My Tezuka Osamu) Web Yuhojin

Masayuki Mineshima, the previous chief editor of Manga Sunday, writes about Tezuka Osamu, in his essay serialized on Web Yuhojin.

The 22nd essay:Bakusho, Hohoemi, Reisho, Kusho (Loud laugh, Smile, Sneer and bitter laugh)



Tezuka Osamu Shoten at Maruzen, Marunouchi

All books, magazines and goods related to Tezuka Osamu are sold at the store. Plus some products and services limited at the store are offered!

Place: Maruzen Marunouochi 3F. (marunouchi oazo shop & restaurants)

Address: 1-6-4 Maruochi, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Hours: 9:00 – 21:00

Closed irregularly

For further information: here!



The Complete Works of Princess Knight (Reprinted version of Nakayoshi Original Edition)

Reprinted in full colors first time in 50 years!

Initial printing only!

With three special bonuses!


BOX 1 (released in September, 2015)

310 pages approximately published in Nakayoshi serialized from 1963 to 1964 (including 40 color pages)/B6 sized additional booklet

BOX 2   (released in November, 2015)

300 pages approximately published in Nakayoshi serialized from 1964 to 1965 (including 64 color pages)/B5 sized additional booklet

BOX 3  (released in January, 2016)

290 pages approximately published in Nakayoshi serialized from 1965 to 1966 (including 60 color pages)/B5 sized additional booklet

BOX 4  (released in November)

312 pages approximately published in Nakayoshi serialized from 1958 to 1959 (including 156 color pages) (the part lately retiled as Twin Knights)/ B5 sized & B6 sized additional booklets


Publisher: Tezuka Osamu Supervised by Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd./Cooperated by Kodansha

For further information : here!