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Event/Stage Performance

The comments by cast of The Musical: Princess Knight just arrived!


The Musical: Princess Knight is coming soon and the comments by main cast have just arrived.



(upper, from left) Erika Ikuta (as Sapphire), Keisuke Kaminaga (as Franz), Tsunenori Aoki (as Brad), Reika Sakurai (as Hecate)

(lower, from left) Tomoru Akasawa (as Plastic), Airi Kanda (as Tink), Masakatsu Nemoto (as Nylon), Shoko Haida (as Hell)

©Musical “Princess Knight” Production Committee 2015


Erika Ikuta (as Sapphire)

In this musical many characters are involved in various events happening without a break, so the rehearsal always zips along. It’s a really thrilling and exciting stage. I hope audience share such feeling with us. And I’ll do my best so that I can convey Sapphire’s conflicted feeling on the stage.


Keisuke Kaminaga (as Franz)

Singing, dancing, theatrical combat and more… There are a lot I have to do other than acting. But I will practice a lot and act imposing Prince of Gold Land.


Tsunenori Aoki (as Brad)

It’s my pleasure and like a dream to participate in the musical based on Tezuka Osamu’s work. I’m sure it’s a wonderful performance.


Reika Sakurai (as Hecate)

Now I am wondering how I can act out Heket and brace myself for the role since Princess Knight is a work loved by people over generations. I would like to make the stage which goes straight into audience’s heart.


Tomoru Akasawa (as Plastic)

It’ my honor that I can participate in this long-loved work. Plastic is a very attractive character. I would like to act out the role in my own way.


Airi Kanda (as Tink)

I would like audience to enjoy how mischievous angel Tink grows while watching Sapphire. I will do my best so that the performance gets to audience’s heart.


Masakatsu Nemoto (as Nylon)

Now I am pulling out various emotions in me, preparing to play Nylon. All the cast are now challenging this great work to make up the world of Princess Knight together. I believe we can bring audience to a wonderful world only a live stage performance can create.


Shoko Haida (as Hell)

This is the first time I play an evil role as well as a mother role. I would like to act out the role against people’s expectation in a good sense. Please visit the theater. I’m sure this will be the work audience can enjoy dynamic music and feel empathy.


A special event is held after the performance.

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