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The Peeping Life is on TV!


The short-comedy animation “`Peeping Life” with Tezuka and Tatsunoko characters is on TV soon!

The 1st collaborative animation, “Peeping Life – Tezuka Pro/Tatsunoko Pro Wander Land” was released in the form of DVD in 2013, followed by the 2nd version, “Peeping Live- WE ARE THE HERO” released theatrically.  So far approximately 200 episodes have been produced, and more than 600,000 DVDs have been sold nationwide.


Now the animation, which has expanded its field from DVD to theaters, finally moves to TV!  Astro Boy, Triron, Genie, Dronjyo and more… those familiar characters develop a drowsy but somehow funny world.


Peeping Life TV Season 1 ??

Broadcast on Nippon Television from Saturday, October 3, 2015!

* For further information, check the site below :