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Publish Tezuka’s “Storm Fairy” and reprint “Unico”




We’d like to translate, localize, and publish Osamu Tezuka’s shojo manga Storm Fairy (Arashi no Yousei) with your help. We also want to reprint Unico!


When we reach $26,000 we will be able to reprint Unico in sharper color on high-quality paper! More information once we reach our initial goal.


When we reach $31,500 we will be able to make Crime and Punishment available in print for the FIRST TIME EVER. More information once we reach our first stretch goal.


We also have more tiers to release when the stretch goals are unlocked!


You can read more about the campaign on the official Kickstarter page.



About Storm Fairy


Storm Fairy is a collection of 3 short stories with the first comprising the first half of the book, and the other two split the remaining pages.


Once upon a time, an Empress flees her burning castle to the nearby forest where she encounters a forest fairy. A deal is struck where in exchange for the fairy’s favor, the Empress must give up the face of her next born child. Thus, two girls’ lives become entwined: one has to wear a mask to hide her disfigured face, the other born with the face of the first. One night, a malcontent discovered Princess Ruri’s curse and steals her mask to put his own daughter on the throne. Ruri, now on the run, meets a samurai Tonosuke who decides to care for her. Hakobe, the fairy born with Ruri’s face, finds out the princess is on the run and decides to help her win back her kingdom, but little does she know, she wears the face of the one she’s trying to save…


The second short story, “Kokeshi Detective Agency,” has a similar tone and feel to young adult book series Encyclopedia Brown. Fearless little Paco goes around solving spooky mysteries because she is not afraid of things that go bump in the night while her dog friend Waco does his best to protect her. In the third short story, fairy Pink from the realm of beautiful sunsets morphs into whatever she wants so she may help those who are unhappy and in need, but King Brown and Sepia from the realm of thunderstorms do their best to make people miserable.


Even though this manga is classified as a shojo manga, Tezuka still questions what is perceived as beautiful or ugly, and I love it. – Hikaru Sasahara, President of DMI


Shojo is a type of genre born in Japanese magazines that were segregated according to gender. Shonen and shojo was printed similarly like the funnies in your Sunday newspaper. Magazines aimed at boys created the genre shonen, magazines aimed at girls created shojo. Post-WWII showed a surge of girls interested in manga, and when Tezuka published Princess Knight, he raised the bar on what was acceptable for Japanese girls (at the time) could read. Now, we are asking you to help us print another of Tezuka’s lost work to English readers.




In this campaign, there will also be specifically designed products for this campaign: knee-length gray dress with a blue storm trim in 100% cotton, and a t-shirt with Hakobe casting magic in 50% polyester / 25% cotton / 25% rayon. There is a super sturdy tote bag with the Storm Fairy logo. Check below for the specs on the bag. And last of all there will be a silk screened poster of Storm Fairy with a limited print of 100. Snag this poster to hang next to our previous silk screened Barbara poster!