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Event/Stage Performance

KYOTO ATOM with the movie MACROSS F


DECULTURE! The movie MACROSS F and KYOTO x ATOM, already familiar in Kyoto, have collaborated!


KYOTO ATOM with the movie MACROSS F (photo01)KYOTO ATOM with the movie MACROSS F (photo02)


The event titled “KYOTO ATOM with the movie MACROSS F” is now open.  The goods related to the movie are available at the shop, plus, panels introducing some scenes from the movie are exhibited. The trailer is also being screened.

In addition, a limited number of advance tickets with Macros F –itsuwarinoutahime- canned bread with the special label, which has been very popular at Tokyo Anime Center Official Shop, will be sold from Nov. 13 to Nov. 20. (Price: 1,825yen per set).


* The tickets above are the same with the advance tickets sold at the theaters nationwide.


KYOTO ATOM with the movie MACROSS F (photo03)

Have fun at KYOTO ATOM with MACROSS F! The special label for the movie MACROSS F – itsuwarinoutahime- MACROSS F advance ticket with canned bread

(Price: 1,825yen per set, with tax)  


KYOTO ATOM with the movie MACROSS F (photo04)


(Price: 630yen, with tax)


SHERYL’s Curry roux is now on sale, celebrating the debut of a new singer Sheryl Norm from MACROSS GARAXY Fleets.  This SHERYL’s ROUX is the first curry powder product collaborated with a character, following Ranka Lee retort curry released last spring.  Make your own curry with this SHERYL’S ROUX.  


Period: Nov. 13 to Nov. 25, 2009
Venue: The 1st venue: Information space in JR Kyoto station building (at the entrance on the 2nd floor of Kyoto Isetan ) The 2nd venue: Kyoto Tezuka Osamu World  
The 1st venue: 10:30 – 18:30
The 2nd venue: 10:00 – 19:00  
Telephone number: +81-75-341-2376 (key number) / +81-75-352-5289 (shop)  


Kyoto Tezuka Osamu World official site
The movie MACROSS F official site