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The best e-book stores selling Osamu Tezuka’s titles – December, 2014


The sale of e-books was expected to grow during the winter holiday seasons. Kindle store (#1), Honto e-book store (#2), and Kinoppy (#6) their sales respectively thanks to the winter sales campaign. BOOK★WALKER (#7) also increased its sales thanks to Weekly Georgia campaign on which Black Jack was published.


No.1: Kindle Store (1)

No.2: e-book store Honto (10)

No.3: au Book Pass(3)

No.4: eBook Japan(2)

No.5: iBooks(6)

No.6: Kinoppy(#)


No.8: Google Play(7)

No.9: Reader Store(4)

No.10: BookLive!(5)


The figure in parentheses means the previous rank. “#” means the store was ranked below the 10th last time.


No. 11:Comic Sea More

No. 12:ComiNavi

No. 13:d-market Book Store

No. 14: Yahoo!Japan Book Store

No. 15:LINE Manga ComiNavi

No. 16:Handy Comic

No. 17: Galapagos Store

No. 18: Manga Zenkan.Com

No. 19:Comic★Manga Gakuen

No. 20:Itsudemo Book Store



Refer to this ranking when you are looking for an e-book store.

The next ranking will be released on February 25 (Wednesday).