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Blue Triton will be reprinted soon!



Blue Triton, one of Tezuka’s marine adventure works serialized from 1969 to 1971, will be reprinted for the first time in 46 years as comic books.  The work is also known as the original work of TV animation series “Triton of the Sea”. What is special about this reprinted edition is that all the story boards drawn for the pilot film of the animation version now existing are added at the end of the books.  Don’t miss this precious opportunity!



Five Features of the Reprinted Version!

#1 Reprinted in the original size as serialized in the newspaper then

#2 One page per one serialization

#3 With every header and date printed on the newspaper then

#4 Firstly reproduced hand-written lines by Tezuka himself

#5 With story boards drawn for the pilot film of the animation version by Tezuka himself (at the end of both 1st and 2nd volume)

About Pilot Film and Story Board

-       The pilot film is the one produced for the animation work “Blue Trition” which Tezuka himself planned to produce ahead of Triton of the Sea directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Unfortunately Tezuka’s version was not realized. Characters in Tezuka’s pilot film are different from those in Tomino’s version, rather close to characters appearing in the original comic work.  (original work: Osamu Tezuka, key animation: Teruhito Kamiguchi, in-between: Junji Kobayashi, produced by Mushi Shoji in October, 1971, color, 8 min. © Tezuka Productions)

-       Two storyboards are contained: one is like a study work for a trailer-like pilot film (14 pages, at the end of the 1st volume), and the other is for the pilot film aforementioned (63 pages, at the end of the 2nd volume).




Blue Triton (reprinted version, two volumes)

Author: Osamu Tezuka


Size: B5

Price: 6000 yen each (tax excluded)

Release date; mid March, 2015. (vol.1) & mid-May, 2015 (vol.2)


Visit the site below to order: