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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

A gemstone painting of Tezuka characters was donated to TOMM.


A gemstone painting of Tezuka characters was donated to TOMM

Jewelry Kamine, a jewelry store in Kobe, Hyogo, produced gemstone paintings of Tezuka Characters, celebrating its 110th year in business and donated one of the paintings in the motif of Phoenix to Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum on November 3, 2014.


Phoenix was used as a symbol of recovery after the Great Hanshin/Awaji Earthquake, and Mr. Manabu Kamine, President of Jewelry Kamine (left) was one of many who experienced the disaster and was encouraged by the symbol very much.  He is also a big fan of Osamu Tezuka’s works. That’s why Mr. Kamine donated the painting in the motif of Phoenix on November 3, the birthday of Osamu Tezuka, hoping today’s children know the preciousness of life as well as further development of the museum which celebrated the 20th anniversary this year.

The gemstone painting of Phoenix is now exhibited at the entrance hall on the 1st floor. Other gemstone paintings are also exhibited on the 2nd floor for a limited time.



About gemstone paintings

Gemstone paintings are pictures made with crushed gemstones. Skilled craftsmen pave the picture with small gem pieces one by one by hand work. It takes about three months or more to complete a big-sized work.

The feature of gemstone paintings is that they do not fade in color almost permanently. And since they were hand-made, none of them glitters in the same way.