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New Publication in October, 2014


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Osamu Tezuka’s Titles

Title Publisher Price Release date

Buddha Original Edition Vol. 10 6300 yen Mid October

“Awate Mimi-chan” (Osamu Tezuka Reprinted Chileren’s Picture Book#1) 1700 yen October 22. 2014



Books about Osamu Tezuka

Title Author Publisher Price Release date

Tezuka Osamu Kabe wo Koeru Kotoba.

Osamu Tezuka/Takayuki Matsutani Kanki Shuppan 1400 yen October 22, 2014



Related Books/Magazines

Atom The Beginning

Publisher: Hero’s

The serialization starts from a magazine ‘Monthly Hero’s’, January issue (released on December 1).

Original idea: Osamu Tezuka

Concept works: Masami Yuki

Manga: Tetsuro Kasahara

Supervised by Makoto Tezuka

Cooperated by Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd./p>

A story of Astro boy from his birth


Young Black Jack Publisher: Akita Publishing

Original work: Osamu Tezuka

Script: Yoshiaki Tabata

Manga: Yugo Okuma

Now serialized in Young Champion

The 6th volume is on sale (560 yen).

The 7th volume is released on November 20.


The WEB comic “REBORN Kamen no Otoko to Ribbon no Kishi”


The special piece for the 60th anniversary of “Princess Knight”

Original Work: Osamu Tezuka

Script: Jun Kagurazaka

Manga: Kyoko Fukaki

Homesha WEB Comic site: Pura@Home:

Free distribution

The comic book version (vol. 2) is now on sale.


The Essay “Watashi no Tezuka Osamu” (My Osamu Tezuka) Web Yuhojin

Masayuki Mineshima, the previous chief editor of Manga Sunday, writes about Osamu Tezuka, in his essay serialized on Web Yuhojin.

The 19th essay: Musei Ningen no Daidanen (Deconstruction of the Asexual Human)


Shin Tokyo Fukei-ron  Hakoka suru Toshi, Suitaisuru Machi (New Theory about Scenary of Tokyo)

NHK Books

‘Atom to Ghibli’ authored by Atsushi Miura is contained in the book.

Price: 1150 yen


Tezuka is dead.  Hirakareta Manga Hyogen-ron he

Publisher: Star Seas Company

Author: Go Ito

Now on sale

940 yen



The children’s picture books authored by Osamu Tezuka (reprinted edition) are released soon!

The children’s picture book series authored by Osamu Tezuka (a total of 3 volumes) are reprinted first in the last 60 years!

“Awate Mimi-chan” (the 1st volume) released in Mid-Oct. 2014 1728 yen

“Suzumushi HIme” (the 2nd volume) released in Mid-Dec. 2014 1728 yen

“Ohanajiman no Ere-chan” (the 3rd volume) release in Mid-Feb. 2015 1728 yen




“Tezuka Osamu Book Store” is open in Maruzen Marunouchi Store!

Any kinds of books and goods related to Osamu Tezuka, including some limited items, are available at Tezuka Osamu Book Store.

Address: 1-6-4 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo (Marunouchi Ozao Shop & Restaurants on the 3rd floor)

Business hours: 9:00 – 21:00

Open daily except otherwise noticed.

For more information:



The complete set of ”Buddha” (reprinted original magazine version) is released from January 2014!

A total of 10 volumes

One volume per month

Released end of each month

B5 size, color, paperback, with a fancy case

Price: 6300 yen (tax excluded)