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A smartphone game “Astro Boy Siege: Alien Attack” has just come out!


A smartphone game “Astro Boy Siege: Alien Attack” has just come out!

Please download and enjoy !

Astro Boy Siege

Help Atom defend Earth against nasty aliens and evil robots! Take Astro Boy to the skies or fight on foot in this awesome tower-defense and action strategy game!

King, the tyrannical overlord of Planet X has sent his vile alien minions to plunder the Earth of its natural resources. Joining his cause are power-hungry robots who want to eliminate humans so they can take over Earth and turn it into their own technocratic dystopia. Help Atom and his friends prevent King’s schemes from coming to fruition!

Join Atom and his friends as they fend off the alien invaders and the evil robots that help them. Take Atom to the skies or on the ground to fight both land and airborne enemies. Upgrade Atom and unlock valuable robotic power-ups. Pick up robot parts scattered across the battlefield and create your own robot army. Collect resources for Prof. Ochanomizu to repair and upgrade Atom and your army. Summon Atom’s sister Uran, Box, and other special robots to help Atom finally destroy the enemy’s portals and halt the alien invasion!


Astro Boy Siege-2

Astro Boy Siege-3

Astro Boy Siege-4Astro Boy Siege-5

- Original Astro Boy art based from the original series
- Take to the skies! A unique combat system lets you fight in land and air!
- Exciting tower defense gameplay with a new twist
- Collect robot parts to build your own robot army
- Up to 50 robots to discover and build!
- Collect resources upgrade or repair ally robots
- Discover dozens of robots with different skills and classes to build
- Upgrade Atom’s parts and arm him with powerful skills