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E-book Autumn Special Campaign #2


eBook Japan holds Autumn Special Campaign #2 to boost the sales of Tezuka titles, commemorating Osamu Tezuka’s birthday (November 3) and E-book day (November 29).



Osamu Tezuka’s Birthday Campaign





1. A set of all Tezuka Titles (a total of 400 volumes) is sold at 30,000 yen!

2. Osamu Tezuka Calendar 2015 will be given to all people who purchased the set of 400 volumes and apply for the calendar.

3. A set of Teuzka titles related to the Exhibition: Beautiful Women’s Painting by Osamu Tezuka is sold at 30% off.

4. A set of Tezuka’s major titles is sold at 30% off.


Titles subject to the discount above:

Astro Boy

Black Jack



Three Eyed One

Three Adolf


Period: October 31, 2014 – November 27, 2015




E-Book’s Day Campaign




November 29 was certified as E-Book Day, and the 1st Manga Works Certificate Test is held commemorating it!


The 1st test is about Osamu Tezuka’s works.  Thirty questions about 27 Tezuka titles will be on the test.  And if you tweet about your result of the test on Twitter, you may win either of the following prizes in a drawing.  Why don’t’ you take the test to be Tezuka expert?



1. A set of 27 Tezuka titles questioned in the test (1 person)

2. 5000 yen eBook coupon (5 people)

3. 1000 yen eBook coupon (10 people)


Application Period: October 31, 2014 – December 12, 2014

Application Period: