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The 15th Hiroshima International Animation Festival started!




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The special screening of Tezuka Osamu Art Animations from September 5! Tezuka goods store and special display are held too.

『The Legend of the Forest Part 2』 Macoto Tezka Talk Event!

Unfinished Experimental Film “Legend of Forest” Second Movement is Finally Done!



The 15th Hiroshima International Animation Festival is held at Aster Plaza in Hiroshima from August 21 till August 25.


The Hiroshima International Animation Festival, firstly held in 1985, celebrates the 30th anniversary this year.  The 1st Grand Prize work was “Broken Film” by Osamu Tezuka.


The festival is one of the representative international animation film festivals such as Annecy, Ottawa and Zagreb and every year a lot of works are submitted to the competition whose juries are internationally well-known figures in the realm of animation.



From left: Ms. Inni Karine Melbye, Ms. Joanna Priestley, Ms. Sayoko Kinoshita, Mr. Bruno Bozzetto, Ms. Baerbel Neubauer, Mr. Joško Marušić, Mr. Ferenc Mikulás and Mr. Koji Yamamura



The Official Mascott: Lappy



During the festival period, “The Legend of the Forest- Part 2” was screened.  The work was produced by Makoto Tezuka who took over the idea from his father, Osamu Tezuka.

At the talk show held before the screening, Makoto Tezuka talked about the process of the production and more.


More information about “The Legend of the Forest – Part 2” will be introduced in Mushinbo September issue!



Mr. Makoto Tezuka talking about the work at the talk show



The opening ceremony was held at 17:30.  After then, the public screening for 56 works selected among 2217 entries from 74 countries all over the world started.  The screening lasted five days.



Ms. Sayoko Kinoshita, Festival Director, giving explanation about the festival



A bouquet of flowers was given to Mr. Nicole Salomon who served for the festival for a long time.

From left: Ms. Sayoko Kinoshita, Mr. Nicole Salomon, and Mr. Yoji Kuri



A lot of audience gathered for the public screening.



The theme of the festival: Love & Piece



Hiroshima International Animation Festival