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『The Legend of the Forest Part 2』 Macoto Tezka Talk Event!


Previously reported、On September 5, at the Short film professional theater Brilliance of Yokohama「Shor Short Theater」, 『The Legend of the Forest Part 2』will have a commomerative celebration for the completion of Osamu Tezuka’s art animation short.
On the screening day, September 5 (Friday), Director Macoto Tezka will hold a special talk event!

September 5(Friday)19:50〜Talk Event
20:30〜A Program『Legend of the Forest Part 1・Part 2』『Legend of the Forest Part 2』Screening
1 Professional Advanced Ticket 1,200 yen /1 Professional At the Door Ticket 1,400 yen
※The above rates are only for the event time. Normal tickets prices: 1 Professional Ticket: 1,000 yen. At the door Professional Ticket 1,200 yen.
The Co-operation of father and son reaches across 27 years. This is a great opportunity to hear about the thoughts that lead to this production and the outlook for the third, and final, part. Please come!

A trailer will be up on the Home Page as well as at the museum. Please check before watching!
Brilliance Short Short Theater