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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum 20th Anniversary Event「Murano Cafe」×「Princess Knight」


In accordance with the 20th Anniversary of the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, to target the Takurazuka Review Fan’s, “Murano Café” will conduct an experimental cooperation plan with Tezuka Manga. The Tezuka Manga, “Princess Knight” will have an original image drink collaboration menu. The images on the menu will be from “Princess Knight” and the menu will be an original novelty (not for sale).


※ Pictured Right
■Tink’s Mischief
■Price 650 yen
The two heart shaped chocolate cakes are in the motif of Sapphire’s two hearts that Tink’s mischief created. It is served with whipped cream and fruits.

※Pictured Left
■Hecket’s Magic
■Price 700 yen
Daughter of Hell. The motif is a drink of magic that Hecket drank to free Sapphire. The mysterious drink is Ice Cream floating in melon soda and studded with marshmallows. Please note, we cannot take responsibility if you turn into a swan after drinking this.
Osamu Tezuka Museum 20th Anniversary
「Murano Cafe」×「Princess Knight」

Running Time: August 1, 2014 ~ November 3
Location: 「Murano Cafe」
Hyogo Prefecture, Takarazuka Mukogawa-cho, 2-10 NTT Takarzuka first annex
Closed on Wednsdays
※ Please Note: Men are not allowed to enter by themselves.