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Anime 「BIG X」Mysterious 11th Episode Broadcast Announcement 「TMS Anime 50 Years of DNA」



The anime company, TMS Entertainment, famous for anime such as「Lupin the Third」and「Detective Conan」has been producing anime for over 50 years.

TMS Entertainment’s predecessor, “Tokyo Movie” was formed in order to animate “Big X”. To celebrate the first broadcast of “Big X” on August 3, 1964, TMS Entertainment’s Animax channel will start re-broadcasting the anime on August 2nd for 26 hours.

On August 3 (Saturday) morning at 6 AM, the channel will broadcast the series along mysterious 11th episode, “Ocean’s Graveyard,” which was never released on video.
3 days before the Tokyo Olympics, there was a lot of drama, trial, and error that went into making anime in those days that led to problems with this story that is unknown to the younger generation. The materials for this episode have been dug up, so please enjoy this inside scoop documentation.
The voice actress for Big X’s Nina, Fuyumi Shiraishi, was Bukko in “The Amazing Three.” The familiar voice of “Black Jack”, Ohtsuka Akio, also makes an appearance.



Program Information


Program Name: TMS Anime 50 Years of DNA
Broadcast Time: August 2, 2014 19:00 ~ August 3 21:00 (Running time of 26 hours)  ※「Big X」’s Broadcast is from August 3 at 6 AM「on TMS」.
Channel:Anime Special Channel – Animax
MC:Tsutomu Sekine, Takeshi Tsuruno, and Ami Kikuchi