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Event/Stage Performance

Shoujo Manga「Rainbow’s Prelude」Musical Announcement!


Nogizaka 46’s Erika Ikuta plays the cross-dressing heroine!
Set in 19th Century Warsaw Poland under Russian Tyrrany, a story of love, and a burning love of homeland and art, this is a story of young people going through their lives at the mercy of their age. This is the last Shoujo series of Osamu Tezuka’s comics “Rainbow’s Prelude.” The work is reminiscent of “Princess Knight,” a cross dressing heroine, with many romances and an unique support characteres. There are scenes playing the piano and the dancing is splendid. This is the first time such a work like this has been made.

<Musical 『Rainbow’s Prelude』>
【Run Time】October 2 (Thursday), 2014~ October 5 (Sunday)
【Theater】Tennouzu Galaxy Theater
【Director・Choreographer】 Yukio Ueshima
【Script・Lyrics】Sayaka Asai
【Music】Shuhei Kamimura
【CAST】Erika Ikuta (Nogizaka46)/Masataka Nakagauchi, Seijiro Nakamura, Kazuaki Ishii /Frank Rina, Motomu Azaki, and others

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