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Unfinished Experimental Film “Legend of Forest” Second Movement is Finally Done!


Tezuka Osamu set out to make an experimental film of four parts set to the Tchaikovsky 4th Symphony, but he only was able to finish the first and fourth movements. Osamu Tezuka died in 1989, and the work was left unfinished, but he left behind a creation memo for the remaining movements.
His son, Macoto Tezka, Visualist and artistic film maker, pieced together the remaining story and finally completed the second movement!

The second movement will premiere on August 21 at the Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival!

The co-operation of father and son is realized after 27 years! © Tezuka Productions

Please check the following Homepage for more information
The program is still being made so the exact time is not set.
Hiroshima International Film Festival

A Special Program was also made for a short film theater presentation in Yokohama on September 5!

Additionally, in commemoration of the completion of “Legend of the Forest Part 2”, Osamu Tezuka’s feature film will be screened at Brillia Short Short Theater in Yokohama in September.
Please see the homepage of the theater for more information about this screening.
Brillia Short Short Theater

There is a flyer for the special program. There may be changes since the details are still being finalized