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Event/Stage Performance

Stage Performance 『Tezuka Osamu Drama Theater Vol. 6』


Human Art Theater
Tezuka Osamu Drama Theater Vol. 6
Osamu Tezuka Works

~Tezuka Osamu Masterpieces Revived On Stage!~

July 30, 2014 (Wednesday) ~ August 3 (Sunday)
Ikebukuro Theater Green

『Present, Past, and Future』
『People, Country, Universe』
People of all ages can enjoy,
Osamu Tezuka’s Cartoons.

This time
『Okuchin’s great phantom thief 』and
『Horror Tales of Yotsuya』.

This is a message from the future.
This is a story from a different age………

『Okuchin’s great phantom thief 』

One day, the dropout Okuchin runs into a mysterious man. He takes out a pair of mysterious glasses and tells Okuchin to put them on. When he puts them on, a vision of a future “bag” appears. The mysterious man asks him to go on a journey to find the mysterious bag that shows the future dreams of the world. What did Okuchin see in the future? Who is the mysterious man?

◆ Yoshiro Ohba (Child Actor) ◆ Hirokazu Nakanishi ◆ Mayu Kobayashi ◆ Junpei Tsuchiya ◆ Reiko Yasumi ◆ Kanae Ono ◆ Kensuke Nishikawa ◆ Riko Ohta ◆

『Horror Tales of Yotsuya』

In 1952, a boy, Heikou, who lives alone in post-war Yotsuya, lost his eyesight in one of his eyes after the bombings. He lives a very poor life. One day, the boy meets Osamu Tezuka and he says, “I will be friends with you.” Thus, instead of Yotsuya Horror Stories, Yotsuya “Comfort Stories” was born! 【cast】
◆ Shoji Honma (Child Actor) ◆ Yuri Oka ◆ Inutarou Takizawa ◆ Takao Unuki ◆ Shirokazu Nakanishi ◆ Yua Yoshitake ◆ Yuuji Izuka ◆ Kiyoshi Shinobe ◆ Kohei Nagami ◆ Aoki Nao ◆ Aya Tanaka ◆

Advanced Ticket and at the door is 4000 yen
Seating: General Seating and Reserved Seats

◆Reservation Form◆
Phone Number: TEL 03-5422-6577
◆Performance Schedule◆

※ The schedule above is the show times. Seating starts 40 minutes before the show. “Tezuka’s Complete Works” of 400 volumes will be available for reading. TEZUKA SPOT access will be available (only on wifi-enable devices like a cellphone). Reservations will be canceled 5 minutes before the performance if you are not there. If you are late, you will not be admitted.


Ikebukuro Theater Green BOX in BOX THEATER
◆「Ikebukuro Station」From the East Exit is 6 minutes. ◆On the Yurakocho Line at 「Higashi Ikebukuro Station 」is 5 minutes on foot.
Tokyo, Toshima-ku South Ikebukuro 2-20-4 171-0022 TEL: 03-3983-0644

◆Original Work: Osamu Tezuka◆ Director: Tatsuo Kudo◆ Script: Tatsuo Kudo and Yuji Tanaka◆ Assistant Directors: Lisa Okada and Kensuke Nishikawa◆ Props Hironori Tanabe◆ Lighting: Hidenori Paku◆ Sound Design: Satoshi Abe◆ Choreography Atsuko Miyauchi (G-Rockets)◆ Production: Mana Uetake◆ Promotional and On-demand Magazine: 614◆ Producer: East of East ◆ Produced and Hosted by: Human Art Theater◆ In Cooperation with: GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT COLLEGE、 Funtime、Okay Productions and Tezuka Productions
TEL: 080-5692-7663(Production Organization)
Web: http//