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「Jungle Emperor Leo Series」at Seibu Dome from August 12 to 17!


August 12 (Friday) to 17 (Sunday)
Seibu Railway Company’s 100th Anniversary event with 「Jungle Emperor Leo Series」
Supported by Tezuka Productions
Finally happening!

The uniforms aren’t just becoming like Leo for the 「Jungle Emperor Leo Series」!!
Many related events will be held so you must check them out.

The 6 game series for summer vacation will be a 「Jungle Emperor Leo」 festival!
Even if you are a fan of another team, or don’t even like baseball, Let’s all be excited at the ballpark together♪

Tezuka Production’s 「Original Opening Anime」 On Air!

For the sake of the Jungle Emperor Leo Series, Tezuka Productions has made an original opening animation (30 seconds) to be played before the games.

Time: During the event period, 20 minutes before the game
Location: Seibu Dome L vision

Special Illustration Exhibition from the Founding of the Team

There will be a showcase of original illustration from「Jungle Emperor Leo」as well as drawings of the Seibu Lion’s mascot, Leo, by Osamu Tezuka from when the team was first founded.

During the event period, from 3 hours before the game until the game ends.

Canton table 3f Banquet Hall (Seibu Dome West)

Leo Ieri’s Opening Ceremony! (8/12)

Singer and song-writer, Ieri Leo will appear on 8/12 (Friday) for an opening ceremony event before the game.

This year, in February, an 「a boy」 promotion video was co-produced with Tezuka Productions. 「Jungle Emperor Leo」characters appeared alongside Leo Ieri to support the Lions at the Seibu Dome.

Time: August 12 (Friday) 5 minutes before the game
Location: Seibu Dome Field
* You can see news information on the ceremonial first pitch here:

★ Limited Edition Tickets and Goods and Illustration Replications Too!

■【Limited Number】Jungle Emperor Series Special Tickets Now On Sale!

「Jungle Emperor Leo x Lions」illustration (replication) is on the tickets for the opening day of the series.
The ticket design is exclusive to this event and there are two designs to choose from.
Additionally, there are serial numbers to indicate the authenticity, making it a rare, highly valued item.
Please take part in this opportunity!

■Must Buy! Lions x Jungle Emperor Leo Collaboration Goods!

Replica Uniforms and hats will be on sale!
More items will be added in the future! So please look out for it!

■Click here for the Saitama Seibu Lions event series article.

Additional events will be added! So please look out for those as they are disclosed.
Quickly reserve your tickets♪