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Leo Ieiri to throw the Ceremonial First Pitch!


Leo Ieiri-san, in collaboration with Jungle Emperor Leo (supported by Tezuka Productions), will throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Seibu Dome on August 12.

An original game-opening Jungle Emperor Leo anime, produced by Tezuka Productions, will air on the L-Vision screens before the game.


Furthermore, “Jungle Emperor Leo” manga and anime manuscripts, along with a special illustration of the team’s mascot, “Leo”, will be on display at Seibu Dome.


Ceremonial First Pitch Information:

Date: August 2, 2014 (Friday), about 5 minutes before the game starts.

Venue:  Seibu Dome Field

For more information, please call the Saitama Seibu Lion’s information line: 0570-01-1950