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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

“Thank You for 20 Years!” Related Articles



“Thank You for 20 Years!” related articles have been compiled into one place.
Please check each page for more information.


Walking Path Sign Unveiling(2014/03/30)

20th Anniversary Opening Talk Show(2014/04/13)

Skip Orchestra and Astro Boy Appearance(2014/04/19)

【Additional】Thank You! 20 Years(2014/04/21)

Wakamizu Hotel Alliance Partnership Plans!(2014/04/21)

Gold Lacquer Prints(2014/04/24)

20 Anniversary Exhibition Announcement!(2014/04/26)

Anime Classroom Experience(2014/05/07)

Former Assistant Will Hold a Museum Talk and Live Drawing Event!(2014/05/08)

Special Summer Vacation Plan: Portrait Corner (2014/07/05)