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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

TOMM the 62th Exhibition: Otomate x Tezuka Osamu -“Tezuka Otome”


It is the 20th anniversary of the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum.


Otomate x Tezuka Osamu—“Tezuka Otome”




Takurazuka is the city of the Zuka Maidens. Osamu Tezuka once drew a full-fledged girl’s manga titled “Princess Knight,” drawing on inspiration from the Takurazuka Review. Due to its cinematic styling, innovative storyline, and sweet romance, girls everywhere at the time were fascinated with this work.


As time passed, the “Otome Game” genre was born. These games have the player project themselves into a game filled with charming characters. These games captivate girls’ hearts, and the Otome Game genre is a major gaming genre today.

Tezuka is now planning to collaborate with the famous “Otome Game” brand, Otomate.

Please stay tuned to find out how this chemistry works out.



62nd Manga Exhibition: 20th Anniversary of the Tezuka Manga Museum opening collaboration, Otomate x Tezuka Osamu—“Tezuka Otome” Exhibition.

Period: July 4, 2014 — October 27, 2014
Holidays: Every Wednesday (July 23 and 30th, Open during the month of August)
Sponsored by: Takurazuka City and the Takurazuka City Board of Education
Supported by: Kiss FM Kobe and FM Takurazuka
Collaborating Companies: Idea Factory and Design Factory



To stay up to date during the exhibition period, please visit the following: Event Page