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The movies “Black Kiss” and “MOMENT” by Makoto Tezuka are screened.


The movies “Black Kiss” and “MOMENT” directed by Macoto Tezka are screened.





The movie is a school comedy which brought a great impact among independent films then with its unusual scale and dramatics.  Macoto Tezka made a phenomenal hit with this work as a director still in his teens. (1981/73 min./8 mm/color)



Date & Time: May 17 (Sat.)   23:00 p.m. (all-night screening)

(MOMENT and 6 other titles are screened consecutively.)


Screening Event: The 36th PFF Pre-Event  Night Trip in PFF

Venue: THEATRE Sinjuku


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Black Kiss


The psychological thriller directed by Macoto Tezka who is known with his unique visual sense. The dark life of youngsters involved in a serial murder happening in a big city is depicted stylishly.

(2004/133 min./35 mm/color)


Date & Time: June 3 (Tue.)   14:30 p.m.


Screening Event: Sekibetsu no 35 mm Film

Venue: Auditorium Shibuya


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