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“Tezuka Osamu Book Store” is now open!


On April 7, 2014,“Tezuka Osamu Book Store” was opened on the 3rd floor in Maruzen Marunouchi Store!


What is “Tezuka Osamu Book Sotre”?

This store is aiming to sell all and every kind of books related to Osamu Tezuka. Not only Tezuka’s manga books but also any other books related to him, including picture books, art books, manga and collaborative woks based on his works, studies and essays about him, are lined up. Customers can also use TEZUKA SPOT, a e-book library service providing his manga works for free within the site.  Several goods and on-demand books are available at the store, too.



*The above image is different from the actual store.



On-demand comic books

The store sells following Tezuka On-demand comic books, which are available only at the store! Each book, specially edited only for On-demand style, contains more than 700 pages,

-       Dororo

-       Vampire

-       Ayako

-       Sci Fi Trilogy (Lost World/Metropois/Next World)

The store is also planning to sell other titles in this style continuously.






TEZUKA SPOT, an e-book library service providing Tezuka manga works within the limited are, is available in the store. His 400 comic books and 50 motion manga contents are distributed for free.






Maruzen Marunouchi Store (Marunouchi Ozao Shop & Restaurants on the 3rd floor)

Address:1-6-4 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo


Opening day:

April 7, 2014  (pre-opened in April 6, 2014)


Open daily except otherwise noticed.


Business hours: 9:00 – 21:00



1 min, walk from JR Tokyo Marunouchi Station (North Exit)

5 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Tokyo Station

5 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Otemachi Station

5 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Mita Line Otemachi Station

7 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Otemachi Station



Maruzen Marunouchi Store (Tel: 03-5288-6881)

Tezuka Productions Publishing Division (Tel: 03-3371-6423)





Purchase Bonus


Paper Bag




Customers who purchase either of the On-demand books can get a special paper bag.






Customers who purchase any book or good at the store can get a special bookmark.



Dust jacket


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Customers who purchase any book can get a special dust jacket (either big sized or small sized).