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The promotional footage of Leo Ieiri with Jungle Emperor Leo!




On February 19, Leo Ieiri’s 2nd album titled “a boy” was released, and Leo from Jungle Emperor Leo appears in its promotional footage with Leo Ieiri herself.




The footage consisting of live image and animation produced by Tezuka Productions’ studio expresses the process that a youth who has shut his heart to others gradually grows up to an adult by feeling other’s warmth and getting over his weakness.  The world of Jungle Emperor Leo is well fused into the live footage, expressing the world of Leo Ieiri’s song.


The interview of Leo Ieiri will appear in Mushinbo March Issue, too!



Leo Ieiri’s Official Website:


Title: The 2nd Album “a boy”

The first limited edition includes DVD of the promotional footage above

- The first limited edition (CD + DVD): VIZL-641 3570 yen (tax included)

- Normal edition (CD only): VICL-64121 3045 yen (tax included)