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Information relevant to “Jungle Emperor” Information relevant to “Jungle Emperor” is also posted on the official sites of the cast and staff, including Saburo Tokito, Takeko Kawada, Osamu Suzuki and Crystal Kay.


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On Sep. 5 (Sat). 2009, “Jungle Emperor” is aired on Fuji Network!


2009/09/02 Information relevant to “Jungle Emperor” is also posted on the official sites of the cast and staff including Saburo Tokito, Taeko Kawada, Osamu Suzuki and Cristal Kay.
2009/08/28 The trailer is now available ahead of broadcasting on TV.
2009/08/28 The “Jungle Emperor” T-shirt is now on sale!
2009/08/28 Fun & Games is renewed.
2009/08/20 Relevant site links are renewed.
2009/08/18 “Jungle Emperor” T-shirt is coming soon!
2009/08/10 Character Corner is opened!
2009/08/07 The special site is renewed. Check the site for the latest information!
2009/08/07 The latest footage for the TV special “Jungle Emperor” is now released!
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In 20XX, humans are at a complete loss what to do with continual environmental destruction. To protect nature being destroyed and to save animals being extinguished, the project to make an artificial jungle is launched. Assigned from United Nations, Kenzo Oyama, CEO of Eternal Earth Ltd, successfully develops a man-made “Neo- Jungle”, and all animals raised in the natural jungle are forced to live in the Neo-Jungle.


Born in this new world, Leo, a cub of white lion, grows up freely and easily.Though always teased by other animals as a coward, he promises himself that someday he becomes the Jungle Emperor like his father, Panja. Meanwhile, Kenichi, Kenzo Oyama’s son, who has grown up in comfort, believes the greatness of Neo-Jungle without any doubt. The encounter of those two is the beginning of the story.


Kenichi has a special ability to communicate with animals. He learns from Leo’s mother, Eliza, the original jungle was gradually destroyed, one day humans suddenly caught all the animals in the jungle and forced them to live in Neo-Jungle under the strict control, and such animals have to live every day under the shadow of humans. Kenichi hardly believes her story at first. But hearing that Dolf, the elder of the jungle, has been caught by an order of his father due to his illness, Kenichi makes a plan to rescue him.


Then Kenichi becomes to know his father who has noticed the spread of the epidemic from Dolf’s condition has a plan to eliminate all the existing animals and remake the Neo-Jungle with clones.


Leo and Kenichi, after returning to the jungle, witness Panja shot by a hunter in front of them. Taking over Panja’s will, they stand up to fight against humans together with other animals.
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Leo Leo
Panja and Eliza’s son. He respects his father as the Jungle Emperor.He is gentle and competitive, but chicken-hearted. Voice: Taeko Kawada
Kenichi Oyama Kenichi Oyama
Kenzo Oyama’s son.He is a very curious and active boy with a special ability to understand what animals say. He respects his father as a genius.Voice: Akiko Yajima
?a?R????e ?a?R????e

Leo’s father. He is gentle and has a strong sense of justice.He used to be adored by animals in the jungle as the Jungle Emperor. But now he is thought of as a coward who just gets pushed around by humans.
Voice: Saburo Tokito

Eliza Eliza
Leo’s mother. She is gentle and reliable.Voice: Nanako Matsushima
Dolf Dolf
The elder of Neo-Jungle. He is a good advisor for Leo as well as Panja.He is suffering from decease.
Voice: Tomoaki Ogura
Totto Totto
A rowdy of Neo-Jungle.He has animosity toward humans.
Voice: Eichiro Funakoshi

Leo’s friend.She is outgoing and always stands by Leo.
Voice: Rie Kugimiya


Kenzo Oyama
Kenichi’s father and CEO of Eternal Earth Ltd., the company assigned from UN to prevent environmental destruction and animal extinction. He is an ambitious man, putting the importance of attaining fortune and fame.
Voice: Akio Otsuka

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Original Manga: “Jungle Emperor Leo (aka Kimba the White Lion)” by Osamu Tezuka

Production Studio: Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

Director:Goro Tanibuchi
“Now making this title into animation again, I would like to make it something meaningful to today’s society. I will try to make the work fun for those who don’t know Osamu Tezuka and his works.”

Script:Osamu Suzuki
“I respect Mr. Osamu Tezuka.So it’s like a dream that I got a chance to collaborate with his work. I think he was like a prophet, and I myself tried to have a sense to foresee the society ten years later when writing this script. I also tried to bring in a sense of black humor as my favorite Mr. Tezuka did. I hope you to enjoy this great masterpiece again in a different style.”

Character Design: Yoshitaka Amano
“Jungle Emperor Leo is a universal work of Mr. Osamu Tezuka, and I accepted to design those characters for this program because I wanted to play a part to convey the work to the next generation. When I designed Leo, I tried to add a modern taste to it. Besides, I tried to preserve its fundamental design Mr. Tezuka did”

Art Director: Minoru Nishida
“It is my great honor to participate in this program. I will enjoy this opportunity and do my best.”

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Fun & Games

Fun & Games

Fun & Games

“Jungle Emperor” special site operated by Fuji TV provides several playthings such as colorings and puzzles.Now “Get a free T-shirt” campaign is being conducted. Send your coloring to get a free T-shirt!

To Fun & Games on the special site operated by Fuji TV

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Cast & Staff’s sites and blogs
Comments from the cast and staff participated in the premier, including Saburo Tokito, Taeko Kawada, Osamu Suzuki and Crystal Kay, are posted on their respective official sites or blogs. Check them out!


Saburo Tokito’s comment (Panja)
“It seems like a lot of effort was put on this 50th anniversary program…”
(excerpt from Sbauro Tokito?fs official site)


Taeko Kawada’s comment (Leo)
”This is such a wonderful work. It is too great to be aired only once on TV.…”
(excerpt from Taeko Kawada?fs official blog)


Relevant article about Osamu Suzuki (Script writer)


Osamu Suzuki’s official blog
“It’s amazing! I am challenging the limitation of Japanese TV animation.…”
(excerpt from Osamu Suzuki’s official blog)


Crystal Kay’s official blog (theme-song singer)
”There were many scenes I was so moved.…”
(excerpt from Crystal Kay’s official blog)


The special site
“Jungle Emperor” special site operated by Fuji TV


Original Manga
“Jungle Emperor Leo”


Jungle Emperor (aka Kimba the White Lion) (TV series, 1965-1966)
Jungle Emperor Leo/Kimba the White Lion (Theatrical Version, 1966)
New Jungle Emperor, Go ahead, Leo! (TV series, 1966-1967)
New Jungle Emperor Leo (TV series, 1989-1990)
Jungle Emperor -Symphonic Poem of Animation- (1981)
Jungle Emperor Leo (Theatrical Version, 1997)
Jungle Emperor Leo (Kyoto Tezuka Osamu World Version, 2000)


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