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The long forgotten version of “Buddha” is finally reprinted.


293952NC launches another big project!


The forgotten original version of Buddha firstly published in the magazine “Kibonotomo” (from 1972 to 1983) is now reprinted and released in the size of original magazine.


This special version is reprinted on fine paper with digitally re-mastered manuscripts, which will sure bring you the scale and dynamism of the work.  In addition, each volume contains the frontispiece and is put in a beautiful case!


- One-time special reprinted version (the second edition is not planned).

- A total of 10 volumes (one volume per month, the first volume released at the end of January, 2014.)

- B5 size, color, paperback, digital re-mastered printing, with frontispieces, with a fancy case,

- Publisher:

- Supervisor: Tezuka Productions

- Price: 6300 yen (tax excluded)


**The special gifts only available for e-customers**

#1   A booklet of the essay “Tezuka Osamu Buddha wo Kataru”

#2   A set of five replicas of “Buddha” original manuscripts (5 pieces B4 size)

#3  The special replica of Osamu Tezuka’s autography with the illustration of “Buddha” (color)


☆Free shipping/ No extra charge for COD

☆Note the service above is only applied to customers who purchase all the volumes at site.

Pre-order deadline: December 10, 2013