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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

The workshop “Let’s draw manga!” is held.


The workshop “Let’s draw manga!” is held this year, too.


Participants can complete 4-frames manga within the lesson by learning tips for drawing and making stories.  This year’s title is “A new species?” After the workshop, the copies of the works by participants are displayed at the museum.




Date and Time: July 29 (Mon.) and July 30 (Tue.), 2013         1) 10:00-12:00   2) 13:30-15:30

Venue: Tezka Osamu Manga Museum

Fee: 200 yen (Note an admission fee to Tezuka Osamu Managa Museum is required.)

Participant: Elementary school student

How to apply: Call to Tezuka Osamu Managa Museum.  The application is available from July 1.

* Application on the day is accepted only when seats available.