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New Publication in July, 2013


Osamu Tezuka’s Titles

Title Publisher Price Release date
“Black Jack” Complete Works Vol. 11 3,675 yen (tax included) Mid-July



Related Books/Magazines

The Special Pieces for the 40th Anniversary of “Black Jack”
Gekkan Princess
Akita Publishing
Gekkan Princess, August Issue (released on July 5) Akita Publishing
Acchonbrike, the Tribute to Pinoko!
Contributors: Rin Mikimoto, Kanko Amanatsu, Etsuko Mizusawa and Keiichi Tanaka


“Young Black Jack” Publisher: Akita Publishing
Original work: Osamu Tezuka
Script: Yoshiaki Tabata
Manga: Yugo Okuma
Now serialized in Young Champion
The 3rd volume is on sale (560 yen).


“Dororo Enma-kun” Publisher: Nihongungeisha
Manga Go Nagai
Serialized in Shukan Maanga Goraku every month (July 19 issue is now on sale.
The comic book version is scheduled to be released on July 29.


The Essay “Watashi no Tezuka Osamu” Web Yuhojin
Masayuki Mineshima, the previous chief editor of Manga Sunday, writes about Osamu Tezuka, in his essay serialized on Web Yuhojin.
The 11th essay: “Senso de Kitaerareta Ai no Seishin”:


Your Choice of the Best 40 Black Jack Episodes Akita Publishing Akita Publishing
Akita Publishing is now holding an online reader’s poll on the site: to select the best 40 Black Jack episodes.
The polls close on July 31. The episodes ranked high are planned to be published in the form of comic books.



“Black Jack” Complete Works (a total of 15 volumes) is released monthly from the end of September.
Size: B5
Pre-determined Price: 3,675 yen
For more information, visit