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We seek supporters for our new merchandising project!


Let’s spread Tezuka’s messages through the fare trade products!




We, Tezuka Productions, are now planning to establish a new merchandising brand based on Osamu Tezuka’s messages, working together with Shaplaneer, a non-profitable organization seriously engaged in international cooperation.  All the products will be made by hand as fair trade products which will help to solve poverty in South Asia countries.


We believe such collaboration with Shaplaneer must be a meaningful challenge to help poor people independent and spread the message of Osamu Tezuka.





We seek supporters!


We are looking for supporters for this project on CAMPFIRE’s website:

CAMPRIRE is a crowd-funding site aiming to widely collect donation from public. Only the project which can achieve the fund-raising target during the certain period can be realized.


We do appreciate your support and donation for the project (the project which can not achieve the goal shall no be realized, and no credit card transaction is made).




Jun. 24, 2013 – Sep. 2, 2013


Further Information





Brand Concept




This brand was developed by combining Tezuka characters and his four text messages about dream, nature, life and earth selected from the book “Save the Glass Earth”. Tezuka kept conveying his ideas about such themes through his works.  *The text messages are translated in English.



Supporters’ Benefit


The supporters are entitled to receive one or more of the following products when the goal is achieved: i) TEZUKA X Shaplaneer fare trade products, ii) Osamu Tezuka’s complete works (e-book version) tickets





Top (from the left)

Jute bag (Astro Boy)/Jute bag (Leo)/Writing pad

Bottom (from the left)

Notebook/Writing pad & Envelops /Wooden stamps


*The completed products may be slightly different from the images above.

*The benefit entitled depends on the amount of donation.