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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum

TOMM the 59th Exhibition: MACROSS: THE MUSEUM




It’s been 30 years since the first MACROSS series was broadcasted in October, 1982, and various MACROSS events are held to celebrate the 30th anniversary.


Based on the concept of “MACROSS: THE MUSEUM” which actually appears in the story set in the year 2059, the exhibition, consisting of three areas: the entrance, Valkyries and Divas, aims to show the attraction of MACROSS series to visitors.  The displays include a life-scale reproduction of VF-1S Valkyrie cockpit, the album actually used in the ending footage of “Super Dimension Fortress MACORSS”, several Divas’ costumes/settings, and more. Please enjoy the world of MACROSS at the exhibition.


For more information, please visit


Information of MACROSS: THE MUSEUM special tickets




Alto Saotome veresion




Sheryl Nome version




Ranka Lee version


Price: 1300 yen (tax included)

Release Period: May 28, 2013 – Sep. 16, 2013

* Note only limited number of tickets are prepared.


The Special Tickets are available at the following:


Alto Saotome version: MACROSS Official Fan Club site “MACROSS DAMASHII”

* Only limited for the fan club members.

* Shipping cost is required separately.

* For further information, visit MACROSS Official Fan Club site:


Sheryl Nome version/Ranka Lee version:

Animate stores (Ikebukuro/Nagoya/Akihabara/Tennoji/Sannomiya/Takatsuki/Himeji/Fuse/Kyoto/Kawanishikyobashi/Nara/

Nihonbashi/Yokohama/Hirakata/Wakayama/Al Plaza Kusatsu/Umeda/Kyoto AVANTI/AEON Akashi)

Tokyo Anime Center Official Shop@AKIBA INFO (TEL 03-5279-7470)



* Valid for all the exhibitions in the museum.

* Valid for only one entry on the day

* Non-refundable/Non-reissueable

* Tickets without stubs are not accepted.

* Unauthorized reproduction of the ticket image is strictly prohibited.

* Confirm regular/special holidays on TOMM official site.