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Character Goods Store

**NEW PRODUCTS INFO** The stamp collections have just been released!


The stamp collections celebrating Osamu Tezuka’s Anniversary have just been released!


Astro Boy stamp collectionPrincess Knight stamp collectionBlack Jack stamp collection


There are three collections which are “50th Anniversary of Astro Boy TV broadcasting”, “60th Anniversary of Princess Knight manga publishing” and “40th Anniversary of Black Jack manga publishing” including 10 postcards, writing paper, envelops and stickers all included in a special holder.


There is also a special offer to customers who buy these three collections which is a new drawing of the combination of Astro Boy, Black Jack, Pinoko and Sapphire in a large postcard.


Why don’t you go to the nearest post office or buy on the internet? Please click here to the internet store. (Please note it’s written in Japanese and only available in Japan)


The collections will be sold until 30th April at post offices and 6th May on the internet. They will be delivered to you starting the 3rd June.


The price of each collection is JPY3,150, and the combination sales of those three collections in JPY8,650 including freight cost (only in Japan) and tax.