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New Publication of June 2011


Tezuka Osamu’ Work

Title Publisher Price Release Date
Buddha Casual Wide Edition Vol.3 Ushio Publishing TBA June 10
Buddha Casual Wide Edition Vol. 4 Ushio Publishing TBA June 10
Zero-Man Special Box (Shonen Sunday Edition) Shogakukan Creative 9,450 yen June 25
Phenix ‘Sun’ vol.7 Asahi Shimbun Publications TBA June 30


Publication related to Tezuka Osamu

Title Author Publisher Price Release Date
Tezuka Osamu’s Buddha Dokuhon Ushio Publishing Ushio Publlishing 1,260 yen June 4
Jinsei de Taisetsunakotoha Tezuka Osamu ga Oshietekureta Lasar Ishii
Hisayuki Tatsumi
PHP Institute 1,575 yen June 23


Notable Publications of the Month

Monthly Comic Ryu from Tokuma Shoten


Melmo-chan by Keiko Fukuyama is in serialization, released on the 19th day of every month.
The comic book edition vol.1 is also now on sale.
Price: 620 yen for Normal Edition(tax included), 750 yen for Special Edition (tax included, with a small

Black Jack Sosaku Hiwa from Akita Publishing

Original story: Masaru Miyazaki Picture: Koji Yoshimoto.
Episode 5: Yoakemae published in Shukan Shonen Champion Vol. 27 (released on June 2)
Episode 6: Sora wo Tobu BJ (tentative title) the 1st published in Shukan Shonen Champion Vol.28 (released on June 9)
Episode 7: Sora wo Tobu BJ (tentative title) the 2nd published in Shukan Shonen Champion Vol.29 (released on June 16)

Character Ippai no Origami from Boutique-sha

Astro Boy will be appearing.
Scheduled to be released at the end of June



Phoenix Reprinted Complete Works of Original Edition (a total 12 volumes) are released from Fukkan.Com.

For more information, click here.



Zero Man: The Exclusive Box of Shonen Sunday Edition from Shogakukan Creative

The complete reprinted edition (896 pages, B5 sized) in original color
Released with special supplement of four reproduced manuscripts in color

Release Date: June 25, 2011
Price: 9,450 yen



Buddha in Casual Wide Edition will be released from Ushio Publishing as follows:

Vols. 1 and 2 on May 20, 2011
Vols. 3 and 4 on June 10, 2011
Vols. 5 and 6 on July 1, 2011


To commemorate the release of Buddha in Casual Wide Edition, Buddha Original Quo Card (equivalent to 1,000 yen) will be presented to 200 people. To apply this campaign, send a postcard with two application tickets attached to vol. 1 and vol.2 respectively by July 10. The application card with the postmark on the day is valid.

Special Interviews

The vol.1 contains the interview with Kozo Morishita, Director of the movie “Buddha”
The vol.2 contains the interview with Hikaru Nakamura, the manga artist of Saint Onisan



Akita Publishing and Asahi Shimbun Publications are jointly distributing “Phoenix” only available at convenience stores.

1. Dawn (Dawn & Yamato), from Akita Publishing on January 27, 2011
2. Ho-o (Ho-o, Hagoromo & Strange beings), from Asahi Shimbun Publications on January 27, 2011
3. Civil War, from Akita Publishing on February 24, 2011
4. Future (Future & Universe), from Asahi Shimbun Publications on March 31, 2011
5. Resurrection (Resurrection & Life), from Akita Publishing on April 28, 2011
6. Nostalgia, from Asahi Shimbun Publishing on May 26, 2011
7. The Sun, from Akita Publishing on June 30, 2011



The 3rd Release of 47 volumes of The Complete Works of Tezuka Osamu in Pocket Edition (Kodansha) begins in February 2011!

All purchasers of 47 volumes released in the 3rd phase will receive a special gift, the replica of Tezuka’s original manuscripts (five colored pictures in B4 size per set).

The titles released in June:
Gringo (vols. 1 and 2), Lion Books, Roppu-kun, Hyotan Komako and Super Taiheiki

Scheduled for release on the 12th of each month at a tentative price of 800 yen-1,000 yen each (Note the release date will be changed due to the aftermath of East Japan Earthquake.)
The purchasers of all 200 volumes released from the 1st to 4th phase are entitled to receive a specially-made limited edition of The Romance Island (approx. 90 pages), the un-published work lost in the best days for rental book stores.
To receive the special gift, please send all four application tickets issued through the 1st to the 4th phase within six months after the completion of the final release. Please note the gift will be delivered subsequently.

For more information, visit



Mighty Atom: The Complete Collection of the Original Edition

A total of 7 units, only 2,000 prints for each, 14,900 yen per unit (tax included)
Unit 7 is now on sale.

Note: For more information, visit the site of