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The tie-in campaign with aima for the movie “Buddha” has started!


From March 1 to March 21, “aima”, the open application platform, provides a tie-up campaign for the movie “Buddha” on its three popular applications: Ikemen Gakuen, Kaibutsu Life and Happy Jinsei.

Ikemen Gaku, in which users spend a dream-like campus life with good-looking guys, Kaibutsu Life, in which users enjoy raising zombies, and Happy Jinsei, in which users play snakes and ladders with others, are free social applications anima is providing for users who access the site via about 30 media participating in the site.

In this tie-in campaign, users can participate in several events developed in each application to get special items or apply to preview screenings as well as free invitation tickets of the movie ”Buddha”.



Period: March 1, 2011 – March 21, 2011





Ikemen Host Gakuen

In this application,, users can experience going out with a good-looking guy and watch the movie “Buddha” with him.


Kaibutsu Life

Some special items related to the movie “Buddha” only available for the limited period are given in this application, and only the users who has got such items can participate in the battle with boss characters.


Happy Jinsei

*Note the campaing starts from March 9.

Users can build a movie theater or put a sign of the movie “Buddha” during the limited period in the snakes and ladders.  Moreover, users who pick up special Buddha items can get extra profit.