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Tezuka Osamu Fan Meeting 2010 is live-delivered on Nico Nico Live!


On December 18, 2010, a part of Tezuka Osamu Fan Meeting held at Shibuya Sidax Hall will be live-broadcasted on Nico Nico Live!


People who are not able to participate in the meeting also can enjoy the meeting together.  The live-broadcasting is about one hour and 40 min., from 13:30 to 15:10.


In the broadcasting, the special talk show titled “Oyaji no Himitsu Shabeccyaou (Lets’ talk about the secret of our dads)” by Rumiko Tezuka and Rieko Akatsuka who wrote “Gegege no Musume, Rerere no Musume, Rarara no Musume” and Itaru Mita who edited the book will be live-delivered.  They will talk about episodes not contained in the book as well as war stories till the book was completed.


The story you would never hear or picture you would never watch anywhere but at there might be disclosed.

For more information, click here (Nico Nico Doga).


Nico Nico Doga users are required to obtain their unique accounts to watch Nico Nico Live.  Please register first at Account Registration Page (registration free).


Nico Nico Doga has Tezuka Official Channel too.  On the channel, users can enjoy some Tezuka animations for free.  Why don’t you check them out on the site?

To Tezuka Official Channel on Nico Nico Doga


For more information about Tezuka Osamu Fan Meeting, click here.