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“Tezuka Osamu -Sosaku Note and Shoki Sakuhin-shu” is released on December 24.


“Tezuka Osamu -Sosaku Note and Shoki Sakuhin-shu- (Tezuka Osamu’s creation notebooks and early works)” is released on December 24.


Tezuka Osamu’s notebooks containing his ideas for manga works written in 1940’s is finally released on December 24!


In 1993, Tezuka Osamu’s creation notebooks, a total of 75 notebooks, were found at his house, most of which had not been opened to public. The notebooks were filled with his ideas and plans for stories, backgrounds and character settings for his works.


This time ten of them containing ideas for Tezuka’s representative works such titles as Jungle Emperor are published.



“Tezuka Osamu -Sosaku Note and Shoki Sakuhin-shu-”




1. Tezuka Osamu’s creation notebooks (replicas):
ten notebooks (eight in A5 size, one in B6 size and one in B5 size)


2. Tezuka Osamu’s early works:
three titles (all in B6 size), including “The Ghost Man (176 pages)”,
“Until the Day of Victory (64 pages)” and “Kyofukin (48 pages)”


3. Tezuka Osamu’s original manuscripts (replicas):
five replicas for the following works, each in B6 size: Metropolis (unused cover art),
Mt. Monmon is crying (manuscript), Next World (unused manuscript),
Man of a Tail (manuscript) and Dr. Koronko, the mystery man (manuscript)


4. Expository Booklet:
A5 size, to be 16 -32 pages



Publisher: Shogakukan Creative
Distributor: Shogakukan
Release Date: December 24, 2010


*Further information will be continually provided when decided.