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The movie “MW” information


The movie “MW” DVD is already on sale!

The movie “MW” DVD is already on sale!

The movie “MW” DVD information
The DVD of the movie “MW”, released on Jul. 4, 2009, is already on sale!
The first limited edition, packed in the special case, contains various limited gifts and bonuses.


Special features limited for the first limited edition
- Special case
- Big-sized postcards
- Bonus footages
- Footages taken at the stage greeting & special events
- Trailer & special report


Price: 3,990 yen (with tax) / 3,800 yen (without tax) 
Distributor: Amuse Soft Entertainment Inc.


(11/10/2009 renewed)





<Information just before the release of the movie>

Several feature programs for the movie “MW” are broadcast one after another!


The first program

The movie “MW” feature program “The exclusive coverage of Koji Tamaki – the challenge to an evil hero in the last year of his twenties -“ Airtime: 15:00 on Jun. 27 (Sat.)


The second program

TV drama “MW” episode 0 – the devil’s game – feature program Airtime: 15:55 – 16:55 on Jun. 30 (Tue.)


The third program

TV Drama “MW” episode 0 – the devil’s game – Airtime: 21:00 – 22:48 on Jun. 20 (Tue.)


The fourth program

Cine Maga “MW” Special Airtime: 25:50 on Jul. 3 (Fri.)



Visit the official website for further information such as broadcasting time for each local region.


(6/26/2009 renewed)





<Detailed information about the TV drama “MW”>


the TV drama “MW” -1-


Airtime: 21:00 – 22:58 (Tue.) on Jun. 30, 2009 Broadcast on NTV network
Cast: Takeru Sato, Mitsuki Tanimura, Keisuke Koide and Hiroshi Tamaki
Theme song: “MW – Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque -” by flumpool
Produced by D.N. Dream Partners & Amuse Soft Entertainment


Several months before the case in the movie “MW” happens, a young man who has become jobless and homeless under the recession (starred by Takeru Sato) meets Michio Yuki, an evil man without any morality (starred by Hiroshi Tamaki). To save a foster home he was raised in, the young man commits crimes without knowing horrible traps are waiting for him. Continual betrayals and treacheries bring the story to a shocking ending which nobody can predict.

Coming to himself, Takashi Morioka (starred by Takeru Sato) finds himself lying on the floor of a dark room, with his arms behind his back. He tastes blood in his mouth. Provably he has a cut on the inside of his mouth. He finds two men in front of him, one in a blue straitjacket, and another in a red straitjacket, and Michio Yuki smiling weirdly, asking him, “You know what the ultimate choice is?”


the TV drama “MW” -2-


What’s happened? And what is going to happen? A shocking ending which nobody can predict is waiting after the continual betrayals. What is the secret of Takashi’s birth? What is Yuki’s true purpose? And what is “MW”? Is there any involvement of the government? The interview to Mr. Sato and Mr. Tamaki, and lot more information and news are now available on the official site. Don’t miss them!


To the official site “MW” episode 0 – the devil’s game –


(6/18/2009 renewed)





<Products related to the movie “MW”>

Now various products related to the movie “MW” are on sale.




“MW” – novelized -

“MW” - novelized -

The movie “MW” based on the original manga by Osamu Tezuka is novelized to an authentic picaresque novel.
Author: Shiro Shijo & the movie “MW” production committee

Release date: Jun. 5, 2009
Publisher: Shougakukan
Price: 540 yen


“MW” visual book

“MW” visual book

This is the perfect guide to the movie “MW”! The book contains pictures of some scenes from the movie, Hiroshi Tamaki and Takayuki Yamada’s photos and interviews, columns about attraction of the original manga, and a lot more.

Release date: Jun. 19, 2009  
Publisher: Pia Corporation 
Price: 1,890 yen




“MW” original sound track

“MW” original sound track

Total time: 72 min.
Total number of songs: 23
Release date: Jun. 24, 2009
Label: Amuse Soft Entertainment
Price: 2,000 yen

(6/18/2009 renewed)





<Promotion video for the theme song of the movie “MW” by flumpool is now available!>


The promotion video for the theme song of the movie “MW – Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque -” is now available for free.

Yahoo! Doga provides not only the promotion video but also its making and digested footage earlier than other media. Of course, the promotion video contains some exciting and powerful scenes from the movie! Do not miss it!
This promotion video is also available on the official site of flumpool! Enjoy the world of “MW” with “MW – Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque -”!

- flumpool official site

(6/1/2009 renewed)




<TV Drama “MW episode 0 – the devil’s game -” broadcast on Jun. 30>

TV Drama “MW episode 0 – the devil’s game -” broadcast on Jun. 30


As a coupled program with the movie “MW”, the special TV drama “MW” episode 0 – the devil’s game -” is aired on NTV network! This special drama casts the hottest actors, Takeru Sato, Mitsuki Tanimura, Keisuke Koide and Hiroshi Tamaki as Michio Yuki!

For further information, visit the official website.
Also check Takeru Sato’s blog!


- Sato Takeru’s official blog
- The movie “MW” official blog
- The movie “MW” official site

(5/18/2009 renewed)






The trailer of the movie “MW” is released!


(5/1/2009 renewed)





<Premiers information>

Premiers information -1-

On Apr. 28 (Thursday), the premier was held at Shinjuku Mirano-za. The stage and audience seats were covered with a mass of smoke. Then, the main cast suddenly appeared on the stage when the smoke cleared out, making audience surprised and excited!

"MW" Premiers information -photo.2-"MW" Premiers information -photo.3-

For Hiroshi Tamaki, Yuki was the first evil character he ever played. He lost seven kilo grams to get into the character which was depicted in the original manga as a fine and thin figure.

"MW" Premiers information -photo.4-

Takayuki Yamada who played a very difficult role, Garai, said he was quite frustrated during the shooting and envied Mr. Tamaki who played Yuki behaving promiscuously. The movie is about an evil spirit, thought, the stage greeting was held in friendly atmosphere, sometimes with audience laughter.

At the end of the greeting, Mr. Tamaki said “I am glad that we could release this movie on the 80th anniversary of Mr. Tezuka. The movie is a full-scaled work with a lot of actions. Please enjoy it on the big screen.”

"MW" Premiers information -photo.5-

(4/30/2009 renewed)





<Scenes from the movies>

"MW" Scenes from the movies

New information, including special footages, will be released as soon as we get it!

(4/24/2009 renewed)





<flumpool sings the theme song for the movie!>

“flumpool”, an up-and-coming band with four members just debuted last October, sings the theme song of the movie “MW”! The song, “MW – Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque -”, arranged from their favorite song made while they were making independent label, is an up-tempo and heavy rock number. “Hananinare (Be a flower)”, their first song from a major-label, was downloaded more than 1.8 million times. Let’s hope the hit of “MW – Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque -”!

(4/10/2009 renewed)





<The release date is announced!>

The movie ”MW” is released on Jul. 4, 2009 nationwide! Further information will be posted on the official site as soon as announced.

(2/27/2009 renewed)





<Special footage>


People try not to admit evil in their mind despite knowing its existence. People know that good and evil or light and darkness are inextricably linked. The conflict between two men, Yuki and Garai, reveals the truth mercilessly and confronts us with how fragile, ugly and stupid we are, asking whether we can maintain our minds even when we experience a hell.


Michio Yuki cool-headedly imposes sanction against huge evil while Yutaro Garai is being tossed about by his destiny, struggling with his weakness.


Now, which of them is a man of justice, Yuki or Garai?


“MW”, a picaresque story written by Osamu Tezuka, is finally turned into a movie and released nationwide in the summer of 2009! Hiroshi Tamaki (aka Shinichi Chiaki in “Nodame Cantabile”) plays a leading role, Michio Yuki.  Although this is his first challenge to an evil character, he acts out an insane killer who horrifies the world sharply but elegantly.  Mr. Tamaki’s co-star is Takayuki Yamada, a skilled actor who supports today’s Japanese movie scenes. Sealing off his sharp acts seen in the movie “Close ZERO”, he plays a key role of the story, Priest Garai who always struggles between good and evil.


"MW" Special footage -photo.1-


Original manga: Osamu Tezuka
Serialized in Big Comic (Shogakukan) from Sep. 1976 to Jan. 1978.
Big Comics “MW” (three volumes, Shogakukan) Shogakukan Bunko “MW” (two volumes, Shogakukan) Shogakukan Sosho “MW” (two volumes, Shogakukan) Tezuka Osamu Manga Zenshu (three volumes, Kodansha)


Executive Producer: Hisahiro Hashida (Amuse Soft Entertainment)
Producer: Shinzo Matsuhashi (STUDIO SWAN IMJ-E)
Director: Hitoshi Iwamoto (“Nobuta wo produce”, “Joo no kyoshitus”, and “Saito-san”)
Script: Tetsuya Oishi (“Death note”) / Haruo Kimura



Michio Yuki: Hisorhi Tamaki Yutaro Garai: Takayuki Yamada Kyoko Makino: Yuriko Ishida Kazuyuki Sawaki: Ryo Ishibashi

"MW" Special footage -photo.2-



Shinzo Matsuhashi (Producer)

I have worked with Mr. Tamaki many times.  About three years ago, when we were together for “Tada kimi wo aishiteru”, he told me that he would like to challenge various characters.  I though he would be a right actor for Yuki since I know he has a well-tuned but slender body, and it would be a good chance for him to challenge a villain for the first time.  I thought he has some potential to play an evil character since Mr. Tamaki has some sadistic and wild atmosphere. Actually he was the right actor.  I felt so when I saw him through the camera.


On the other hand, for Garai, I wanted to cast a very humanly actor.  I asked Mr. Yamada to take this role because he is the most appropriate actor who can act out a man easily dragged by evil thanks to just being a human.  I believe this humanly aspect is the essence of this story.


We started shooting on April 20. In Japan the shooting was mainly done in Kanto area.  In June we will do a location in Thailand to film action and car chase scenes. Complicated CG rendering will be also applied to the ending scene!


“MW” was selected as the work to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka. Actually this work has not been made into a movie so far although many tried to do so.  Because the original work is too big and radical, or the timing was off. Now at the making of this live-action movie, I also want to present messages contained in Tezuka’s original manga.  Michio Yuki, a personification of evil, plans to destroy the world with MW.  I want to make the audience feel justice through evil and life through killing.  Yuki is not a man of justice, but he has a tremendous energy.  I want to surprise this lukewarm society with this movie.


Hitoshi Iwamoto (Director)

Mr. Tezuka wrote this work in 1970’s and presented the true nature of humans. Heinous crimes committed in the work are almost same as the crimes in today’s society.  After 9.11, terrorist acts are close threats to our life.  So “MW” is a real threat.  Yuki is a killer. Through his killing, we can convey what life means in a paradox way.  I would like to convey the meaning of life by showing the faces of his victims.


TV is a part of our daily life, but “MW” is not.  It is something unusual.  The movie is a big entertainment.  Through this movie “MW”, produced based on Tezuka’s original work, I would like to depict what life is.


Mr. Tamaki play a sadistic killer quite elegantly.  His atrocity is somehow beautiful.  Mr. Yamada well presents Priest Garai’s inside. His act is very compelling.


And we put all kinds of actions in this work. Fire, water, car chase, motorcycle, air battle and so on. Sure, the movie will be a blockbuster.


Hiroshi Tamaki (As Michio Yuki)

"MW" Special footage -photo.3-

Yuki is an evil character very unique to Tezuka’s works.  He is very cruel and cool.  He plans everything and always composes himself.  He kills smartly without hesitation.  I would like to enjoy playing this role.  Actually it is an interesting experience for me since I have never acted out a scene of murder.  And his killings have roots in the accident sixteen years ago, which I am trying to remind whenever I act him.


I had a chance to work with Mr. Yamada when we participated in “Water boys”.  But it was for a very short time, so actually this movie is the first work I work with him.  He is not talkative, but he conveys his ideas in proper ways.


We are going to do a location in Thailand soon.  I will survive the hot weather and do my best to make a good movie.


Takayuki Yamada (Yutaro Garai)

"MW" Special footage -photo.4-

I am acting with my maximum power everyday.  This is the work based on Tezuka manga, and it means a great deal.  I feel excited every time I read the script.


Yuki is evil, while Garai is a hypocrite.  He is not a good man.  Garai tells Yuki to stop committing crimes, but somehow he is involved in and results to help Yuki.  Garai can not resist Yuki even he challenges with hundredfold power of Yuki.  It is deadly.  I actually envy Mr. Tamaki, because I am always desperate when I act Garai.  I hope audience can feel something from my 100% acts.