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“Unico”on BeeTV!


“Unico” is distributed on BeeTV by Docomo! (photo01)

To Unico’s official site



The latest information of Unico (last modified on Sep. 6, 2010)


Here is the latest information of Unico, now distributed on BeeTV by Docomo!


“Related Publication/Goods Update” Sep. 6, 2010


Next distribution schedule and Character information are added.

To the “Introduction>Character
To the “BeeTV>Distribution Schedule


“Related Publication/Goods Update” Sep. 3, 2010


“Related Publication/Goods”New products information are added.

To the “Related Publication/Goods


“Related Publication /Goods Update” Aug. 27, 2010


“Related Publication/Goods”Updated

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History Update” Aug. 6, 2010


“Introduction > History” Updated

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The 3rd episode: Yagyu no Oka (2010/8/4)


Now the main episode of the series is available on the site.

“Yagyu no Oka” is now distributed for free.

To Unico Official Site


Unico has just begun! (2010/8/2)


The distribution of Unico’s prologue has begun on Docomo Bee TV.

Characters Information are now available on the following site: Official HP Sakuhin Shokai -> Character Shokai


Unico Oifficial Site is launched! (2010/7/30)


Unico Orricial Site is now opened. Please visit the site!

To Unico Official Site


“Unico” is distributed on BeeTV by Docomo! (2010/7/16)


From August 1, Unico is distributed on BeeTV, an exclusive broadcasting station for NTT Docomo users, in the form of Movie Comic. The Movie Comic is an animated comic with dubbed lines and effective sounds. This time, Nana Mizuki, a leading voice actress, plays Unico. Furthermore several popular voice actors including Megumi Toyoguchi (Venus), Ayari Fukamachi (Chao), and Koki Miyata (Tibi) participate in!


This program was produced based on “Ririka” edition, the very original version. In this edition, all the manuscripts were colored. Since this colored edition has gone out of print for a long time, this “Unico” on BeeTV is the only chance you can see it in colors. Don’t miss it!