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The latest information of Tezuka Osamu Calendar 2011


The latest information of Tezuka Osamu Calendar 2011

Here is the result of the WEB members voting for Tezuka Osamu Calendar 2011.
The Plan No. 3, “Tezuka Animation” was selected for this year.
The concept of this plan is to have Tezuka characters depicted in two different ways, in a classic style as was in the actual broadcasting time and in a modern style, on each page.
Now the production is in progress smoothly. Please see below for the information available at this moment.
The title and concept for each month were decided as follows.


  Astro boy

Astro boy and his friends celebrate New Years Day in the aerial square of the future city.


  Big X

Akira is enjoying the Snow Festival while Big X is putting his arm around the shoulder of the snow figure shoulder.


  Wonder 3

Kenichi and others riding on the Big Lorry are driving through the rainbow bridge in the space.


  Jungle Emperor

Leo and Panja are running through the spring plain in the wind.


  My Son Goku

While Sangyo-Hoshi and others are outing on the river, Son Goku is fishing and…


  Princess Knight

While Sapphire is reading a picture book under the tree, Chink casts a spell to conjure up a huge picture book!


  Toriton of the Sea

While Toriton was swimming near the bottom of the sea, big seashells suddenly open and pearl-like bubbles blast out!



Hyakkimaru, Doror and small monsters are cheerfully carrying Omikoshi at the summer festival.



On the night with a full moon, Toppei and Chippei are being chased by Rock on the red sports car.


  Marvelous Melmo

While shooting Melmo and others in Halloween costumes, Waregarasu happens to kick the films nearby.


  Black Jack

Black Jack and Pinoko are cheerfully walking in the colored trees.The history of two appears on the pass they have walked.


  Tezuka All Stars

Tezuka Characters are celebrating Christmas at the church.


Above is the lineup for the year 2011.
We are sorry that we are not able to show the images here, but all of the pages are tour de force!
Now let us introduce our staff involved in the production of the calendar.



Shinji Seya / Animation Director (Head of animators)

Shinji Seya   Animation Director (Head of animators)

I am nervous every time I draw Mr. Tezuka’s characters though I have been doing for a long time. I will do my best to make the calendar “Tezuka-like”!

Kazunori Aoki / Animator

Kazunori Aoki   Animator

I will try hard so that I can depict the attraction of Tezuka characters well.

Michinosuke Nakamura / Animator

Michinosuke Nakamura   Animator

I will do my best to create cheerful images with both nostalgia and freshness.

Nana Miura / Animator

Nana Miura   Animator

I will try hard to create an image which can be enjoyed by people.

Kae Takakura / Animator

Kae Takakura   Animator

I would like to draw cute Tezuka characters vividly!!I will do!

Momoko Yamada / Animator

Momoko Yamada   Animator

I am lucky to have a chance to draw Tezuka characters.I will do my best.

Ami Mizoroki / Animator

Ami Mizoroki   Animator

I will do my best!

Tamami Watanabe / Production Assistant

Tamami Watanabe   Production Assistant

I would like to contribute to raise animators’ spirits so that they can create the calendar which makes the viewers happy.

Masataka Sudo / Production Manager

Masataka Sudo   Production Manager

Working together with unique animators, I would like to make Tezuka Calendar nobody has ever made.


Above is everything we can inform now.
We would like to thank all the people who participated in the voting. The e-mail to notify the winning of the presents has already been sent to the winners separately.


Tezuka Osamu Calendar 2011 is scheduled to be released in the middle of October.
Please look forward it!


The e-mail to notify the winning of the presents has already been sent to the winners separately, but there are some winners we are not able to confirm the contact.We are afraid but please check your mail box again so that we can send out the presents.



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