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New Publications of July 2010


Tezuka Osamu’ Work

Title Publisher Price Release Date
Tezuka Osamu no Egaita Senso Asahi Shinbun Publications 800 yen July 7
Nakeru Yokadi Monogatari Home-Sha Remix 500 yen July 12


Books related to Tezuka Osamu

Title Author Publisher Price Release Date
Tezuka Osamu no Okinawa Hidehiko Motohama Shunju-sha 2,415 yen Mid-July


Notable Publications of the month

Monthly Magazine: Hon-no-Mado from Shogakukan Inc.

Bokura ga aishita Tezuka Osamu by Nikaido Reito, in serialization

Compiled Books, vols. 1 and 2 on sale for 2,310 yen (including tax)

Play Comic 2010 No. 15 & 16 from Akita Publishing

Play Comic Meisaku Collection 9 “Tezuka Osamu
Futari wa Kuki no Soko ni and Hyoroku Ki contained in the additional supplementB5 size, 52 pages

Scheduled to be released on July 22

Commemorative project of the 30th anniversary of Young Magazine “Free distribution of the 1st issue on the Web”

In the commemorative site of the 30th anniversary of Young Magazine “Yun-maga 30-sai” established in Comic Plus, the Manga site operated by Kodansha, provides the 1st episode of “Princess Lumpenela“.

Available from June 7 to September 14


The Complete Works of Tezuka Osamu in Pocket Edition (Kodansha): Release of the 2nd phase of 50 volumes began on June 2010.

To commemorate the publishing of Black Jack’s 1st volume, winners selected in a drawing will receive original bookstore gift cards.


Titles released on July 12

Black Jack vol. 4 – 6, Three Adolf vol. 2, Record of GlassCastle, and Adventure Broadcasting Station

Scheduled for release on the 12th of each month at a tentative price of 800 yen – 1,000 yen each.

All purchasers of 50 volumes released in the 2nd phase will receive special gifts of replicas of the manuscripts (5 colored pictures (B4 size) per set).
All purchasers of 200 volumes (phase 1 – 4) are entitled to receive a specially-made limited edition (approx. 90 pages) of The Romance Island which is an unpublished work created during the period when rental books shops were popular.

The purchaser above will be given a total of four application tickets.The deadline for the application is six months from the completion, and the gift book will be sent sequentially.

For more information:


Mighty Atom: The Complete Collection of the Original Version

6 units in total / limited edition of 2,000 sets, 14,900 yen (including tax) per unit
Unit 4 will be released in mid-July.Subsequent units are scheduled to be released every three months.

Note Unit 4 will be released from Fukkan.Com. (