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Character Goods Store

New Astro Boy Product!


New Astro Boy Product!
Eco shopping bag
New Astro Boy Product! (photo01) 

Astro Boy appears on an eco shopping bag!  The bag (H36 cm x W37 cm x D11 cm) is just the right size for shopping.  Bring the bag with you when you go out.


Material: 100% cotton (non-chlorinated)
Size: H36 cm x W37 cm x D11 cm
Price: 500 yen (without tax)


Mini Towel

Astro Boy handy towels in two refreshing colors (blue and pink) are distributed.


Material: 100% Cotton
Size: H220 x W220
Price: 400 yen (without tax)

New Astro Boy Product! (photo02) 


Transparent File
New Astro Boy Product! (photo03)

This A4 size transparent file is useful to organize documents.  Use the file at school or in the office.


Material: PP
Size: H 310 x W 220 (A4 size)
Price: 300 yen (without tax)



This product is available at the following stores: Edo Tokyo Museum Souvenir shop, Kyoto Tezuka Osamu World and Official online shop.


Distributor/Manufacturer: TOSHIN PACK Co., Ltd.