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New Product Information Astro Boy Luxurious Watch


Astro Boy luxurious watches are released.


New Product Information Astro Boy Luxurious Watch (photo01)
New Astro boy watch is released from GALANTE, the luxurious brand of SEIKO Watch.  This collector’s item is manufactured meticulously in every detail.  The glittering dial evokes the image of stars in the sky. Astro boy on the dial is an excerpt from the TV animation series broadcasted in 1980.  The wrist band is made with precious part of alligator skin. It is said this part can be taken only for the amount enough to make a few bands from one alligator.  The color is Cosmic Blue, which brings us the image of space. On the glass-made back cover, heart shapes are designed. Plus, the box is also sophisticated.  A manga frame in which Astro Boy is saying, “Here we go. GALANTE!” is designed on the box.

Price: 472,500 yen (with tax)
Distributor: SEIKO Watch Coorporation
Release Date: June 25


*A limited number of 150 pieces will go on sale at stores selling GALANTE watches (44 stores nationwide as of May 2010).
*For more information, click here. (To the site of SEIKO WATCH)