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New Publication of May 2010


Tezuka Osamu’ Work

Title Publisher Price Release Date
Tezuka Osamu Hero Tanjo Den Home-Sha Remix 500 yen May 17
SF Mystery (tentative title) Home-Sha Remix To be determined June 14
Nakeru Yokadi Monogatari (tentative title) Home-Sha Remix To be determined July 12
Black Jack(The Horror & Fantasy) Akita Publishing To be determined June 24


Books related to Tezuka Osamu

Title Author Publisher Price Release Date
Tezuka Osamu’s Konchu Hakubutsukan (Enlarged Version)

Osamu Tezuka / Jyunji Kobayashi (Comment)

Aesop-Sha 1,680 yen On Sale
Ogon-Toshi Osamu Tezuka (Original Story) /Mitsuteru Yokoyama (Manga) Shogakukan Creative To be determined June 1


Notable Publications of the month

Monthly Magazine: Hon-no-Mado from Shogakukan Inc.

Bokura ga aishita Tezuka Osamu by Nikaido Reito, in serialization

Compiled Books, vols. 1 and 2 on sale for 2,310 yen (including tax)
Astro Boy and Anime come to the Americas from NTT Publishing

Fred Ladd/Harvey Deneroff

On sale for 2,940 yen (including tax)
NOVA 1 Kakioroshi Nippon SF Collection edited by Nozoi Omori from Kawade Shobo

Save the glass earth written by Hirofumi Tanaka contained

On sale for 996 yen (including tax)
Manga-ryoku, Daigaku de Manga Hajimemashita from Magazine Magazine

Tezuka Osamu towa Nandattanoka (Author: Toshihiko Sagawa , Associate Professor of Faculty of Manga, Kyoto Seika University) contained

On sale for 1,260 yen (including tax)
The Weekly Shonen Champion the 23rdissue from Akita Publishing

Black Jack Sosaku Hiwa Episode 3 (in irregular serialization)

Script: Masaru Miyazaki / Manga: Koji YoshimotoOn sale for 270 yen
Shunju 2010 May issue form Shunju-sha

Shonen Manga no Bouken Banashi to Manshinron, Tezuka Osamu to Okinawa (8)

Author: Hidehiko Hamamoto, Associate Professor of Okinawa Christian UniversityIn serialization from June issue, 2009
Play Comic 2010 No.11 from Akita Publishing

Catastrophe in the dark, Wagatani wa Michinari and Denwa contained in the additional supplement

Scheduled to be released on May 27


The Complete Works of Tezuka Osamu in Pocket Edition (Kodansha): Release of the first phase of 57 volumes began on October 9, 2009.

Titles released on May 12

Majin Garon vol. 1 – 2, Midnight (Total of 3 vols.), Futago-no-Kishi, and Bambi

 Scheduled for release on the 12th of each month at a tentative price of 800 yen -1,000 yen each. Customers who purchase all 200 volumes (phase 1-4) are entitled to receive a specially-made limited edition (approx. 90 pages ) of The Romance Island which is an unpublished work created during the period when rental book shops were popular.
- Purchasers of all volumes in a given phase will receive an application ticket and a gift, so collect and send four application tickets (phase 1-4) to receive the book. The deadline for applications is six months from completion, and the books will be sent in the order that applications are received.
- The second phase of 50 volumes begins in June. To commemorate the publishing of Black Jack as the first volume, 100 winners selected in a drawing will receive original bookstore gift cards. All purchasers of 50 volumes released in the 2nd phase will receive special gift of replicas of Tezuka’s manuscripts (five B4 color pictures per set).
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Mighty Atom: The Complete Collection of the Original Version

6 units in total / limited edition of 2,000 sets 14,900 yen (including tax) per unit Geneon Universal Entertainment
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