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New Publications of April 2010


Notable Publications of the month
Blue Knight  from Kadokawa Group Publishing
Original story: Osamu Tezuka  Manga: Akira Himekawa Scheduled for release on April 26 for 588 yen (pre-determined price)
Monthly Magazine: Hon-no-Mado from Shogakukan Inc.
Bokura ga aishita Tezuka Osamu by Nikaido Reito, in serialization Compiled Books, vols. 1 and 2 on sale for 2,310 yen each (including tax)
SF Anime wo Kagakusuru! -Fukue-ryu SF Anime to Kagaku to Bishojyo no Tanoshimikata from Nippon-Hyoron-sha
Phoenix and Astro Boy by Jun Fukue, included On sale for 1,955yen (including tax)
Manga-wa-Ekkyosuru from Sekaishisosha
Editor: Masashi Ichiki/Fusami Ogi/Hidehiko Motohama Vampire is introduced in the article: Chiho Manga no Position-Cooking Papa wo Chushin ni by Kazuma Yoshimura On sale for 2,310yen (including tax)
Kokoro ni Hibiku Ano Kotoba Vol.5 from Gakken Education Publishing
Supervisor: Yoshio Oshitani On sale for 2,940 yen (including tax)
Kaito the 1st issue from Koike Shoin
Koike Kazuo’s Shijyo Character-gaku Nyumon On sale for 500 yen (including tax)
Quarterly Magazine: Nippon Vol.4 from Heibonsha
Special Feature: Manga Taikoku Nippon On sale
  The Complete Works of Tezuka Osamu in Pocket Edition (Kodansha): Release of the first phase of 57 volumes began on October 9, 2009. The Three-eyed One vol.6-7, Mid Night vol.1-2, Rock in Volcano Island, andYaketpachi’s Maria

Scheduled for release on the 12th of each month at a tentative price of 800 yen-1,000 yen each.

Customers who purchase all 200 volumes (phase 1-4) are entitled to receive a specially-made limited edition (approx. 90 pages) of The Romance Island which is an unpublished work created during the period when rental book shops were popular.  Purchasers of all volumes in a given phase will receive an application ticket and a gift, so collect and send four application tickets (phase 1-4) to receive the book.  The deadline for applications is six months from completion, and the books will be sent in the order that applications are received.

For more information:   Mighty Atom: The Complete Collection of the Original Version

Mighty Atom: The Complete Collection of the Original Version 6 units in total / limited edition of 2,000 sets  per unit / 14,900 yen (including tax) Unit 4: released in mid-June 2010 Subsequently a unit is scheduled to be released every three months. Geneon Universal Entertainment For more information: