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Character Goods Store

New Product Information


New Product Information


This time Astro Boy towels and Princess Knight towels are released.  Princes Knight is a brand developed through collaboration between Tezuka Productions and Hanachu, a popular magazine among teenaged girls.  Sapphire, the heroin of “Princess Knight” is redesigned to meet the demand of today’s market in this new brand.  Now both face towel and hand towel are available for respective characters.


New Product Information (photo 01)New Product Information (photo 02)


Astro Boy hand towel (left/left pic): 420 yen (tax included) 
Astro Boy face towel (right/left pic): 840 yen (tax included)
Princess Knight hand towel (left/right pic): 420 yen (tax included)
Princess Knight face towel (right/right pic): 840 yen (tax included)  


The products are available at GMS and supermarkets nationwide.

For further information: Marushin  Tel:0120-0777-04 (toll free)